Italy Confuses Google Execs For Teenagers

Jason Lee Miller is a WebProNews editor and writer covering business and technology. Execs face criminal charges 
By Jason Lee Miller

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (RUSHPRNEWS) JULY 27, 2008–Well, the good news is the four Google Italy executives will have access to world-class legal representation. The bad news is they face criminal charges in Italy because of what a few punks uploaded to Google Video.

Here’s how it went down: Four teenage idiots videoed themselves (or allowed themselves to be videoed) teasing a disabled kid in class and throwing tissue packets at him. After uploading the video to Google Video, an advocacy group for people with Down syndrome prompted police to do an investigation.

Milan police decided Google’s executives were at fault for letting happen.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Italy, like the United States has a law that doesn’t hold website operators liable for third party content.

Next time I get gas from Italian food, I’m holding Italy personally responsible.


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