Israel News Agency Discovers Nazi Sex Video On YouTube

Israel News Agency Discovers Nazi Sex Video On YouTube

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JERUSALEM (RUSHPRNEWS) 01/12/09 -The Israel News Agency, the first on-line Israel Government Press Office accredited Internet news site, discovered a Nazi “white power” video on YouTube.

The Nazi video entitled “Israel Sex Girl” was posted by a YouTube user named WhiteWolf1939 who joined YouTube on September 09, 2007. Upon finding the Nazi video which portrays Adolf Hitler as a hero in dozens of photographs and posters, the INA reported the hate speech video to YouTube and alerted the Jewish community through several Yahoo and Google groups forums.

“The Israel News Agency often patrols the Web for Nazi, anti-Semitic and anti-Israel content. When we find it we immediately report it to the Website and or Internet Service Provider which carries the content,” said Joel Leyden, publisher and editor in chief of the INA. If the content carries direct death threats we report it to the FBI and to Israel security forces. We trust that the content is not taken down immediately but rather analyzed as to it’s source and those who subscribe to it are unmasked by legal, justice and security organizations.”

“Many respected and responsible Jewish organizations such as the Anti-Defamation League, World Jewish Congress, American Jewish Congress, World Zionist Organization, Yad Veshem, the Simon Wiesenthal Center,, the TickCo Premium Seating

Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations and the Israel Foreign Ministry also keep a careful eye out for hate content Websites which incites. And leading Internet sites such as Google, Yahoo, MySpace and Facebook have no tolerance for these hate sites,” says Leyden.

Leyden, who is also a respected search engine optimizer (SEO) and Internet marketing guru, says that he and several of his colleagues check the Net for such negative content by using common keyword searches. They were also seeking any possible results that might be associated with the present Israel YouTube contest which has recently been sponsored by the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs and creative, respected New York Israel Consul for media and public affairs David Saranga.

“Sex has been and will continue to be the number one keyword used by millions on the engine searches,” says Leyden. “We were performing a routine check for the words “Israel Sex” on YouTube when we discovered the Nazi White Power video ranked number one. We expected to find Israel tourism videos displaying Israel models clad in bathing suits promoting the State of Israel, instead we found Adolf Hitler, swastikas and a Nazi symbol placed over a map of the State of Israel.

Those who created this Nazi hate speech video know something about Internet marketing and SEO. The Nazi video states that it “will not forget you” – a positive reference to Adolf Hitler, responsible for murdering over 11 million people during World War 2 including 6 million Jews. The Israel News Agency can assure those responsible for creating this hate video content on YouTube, that we Jews will not forget you either.”

The Israel News Agency urges all readers to go to the Nazi video on YouTube entitled israel sex girl and click on the button which states: “Flag as Inappropriate”. In the drop down menu then click on “Hate Speech.”

With Iran President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad appearing at both the United Nations and at Columbia University this past week, provided with a respected forum to deny the Holocaust, to call the Holocaust “a myth” one can only expect that this blatant incitement would lead to more acts of anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial.

Iran President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who held a two-day conference of Holocaust deniers in Iran, defended Holocaust revisionists and raised questions about who carried out the Sept. 11 terror attacks at Columbia. Ahmadinejad has repeatedly stated that “Israel should be wiped off the map.”

The UN had a legal responsibility to host Iran but Columbia University had no excuse whatsoever. There is a very fine distinction between freedom of speech and incitement. The INA directly points to Columbia for its total lack of responsibility and sensitivity in hosting Ahmadinejad. Ahmadinejad is the leader of a terror state which sponsors the Hezbollah terror group in Lebanon and Syria, which exports weapons into Iraq responsible for the deaths of American troops. Columbia poured fuel on a fire. No Jew, no citizen of any responsible, democratic state should ever forget this act of gross negligence by Columbia and its present leadership.”

The Holocaust (HaShoah, in Hebrew) is the term that describes the murder of six million Jews in Europe during World War II that was orchestrated by the National Socialist (‘Nazi’) Party in Germany. One and a half million children were murdered during the Holocaust. This figure includes more than 1.2 million Jewish children, tens of thousands of Gypsy children and thousands of institutionalized handicapped children.

Jewish leaders in Germany are planning to bring criminal charges against the owners of YouTube after they discovered that Nazi propaganda was posted on the video-sharing website.

Nazi racist footage that has appeared on YouTube includes The Jew Suess, an antisemitic 1940 propaganda film that purports to show a Jewish businessman plotting to gain control of the German state.

There have also been postings by Blood and Honour, a neo-Nazi music promotion network that takes its name from the motto of the Hitler Youth, and by a heavy metal band called Landser (Footsoldier), whose videos praise Rudolf Hess, Hitler’s deputy, and glorify Third Reich soldiers.

The distribution of Nazi material is banned in Germany, where Blood and Honour and Landser are outlawed. But the Central Council of Jews in Germany, which believes the videos could incite racist violence at a time when attacks are on the increase, claims the response of Google, YouTube’s parent company, to numerous protests has been “unacceptably passive”.

Stephan Kramer, the council’s secretary-general, said it was disappointed that Google had failed to “sit down and talk seriously about what was possible”.

He said: “I do not want to be the ‘opinion police’ but in extreme cases something should be done. I’m talking about videos that are dangerous in manipulating young people.”

The council’s lawyers plan to submit a case to the German authorities under the country’s strict laws against incitement to racial hatred. They are also considering whether to sue Google in America.

The moves coincide with growing concern in Germany about an increase in attacks by right-wing extremists. The federal police say that 1,658 offences “with an extremist and anti-Semitic background” were recorded in 2005, a 26% increase on the previous year.

Last week, Google blocked some videos from its German site, including extracts from The Jew Suess, but Tomas Guenter, legal adviser of, an internet child protection group, said there had been no response to complaints about 60 others.

Google said these were “under review” and insisted it was keen to talk to all the parties. “We understand that these are real and sensitive matters, and we respect the feelings of the people concerned,” said Rachel Whetstone, Google’s director of communications.

“Even if YouTube, which is owned by Google, decides to leave Nazi videos on its site under the premise of free speech, there is still no relationship between this ‘White Power’ Nazi video and the words “Israel, sex and girl,” says Leyden. “This is nothing less than pure and perverted abuse of search engine optimization or SEO programming skills for the sole purpose to incite. YouTube recently took down all Nazi video content for its German market. There was good reason for that move. YouTube should not discriminate between its German market and other global regions it reaches in respect to hate material that incites. All Nazi hate speech videos should be taken down by YouTube after legal investigations have been conducted by both domestic US and international law enforcement agencies as to which individuals and organizations were involved in their creation and dissemination.”

Contact: Joel Leyden


this story was first reported on September 29, 2007

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