Is Your Dog the Cutest Mutt Alive?

cutest mutt aliveIf you think your pet is the cutest alive, enter Peta’s Cutest Mutt Alive contest!

NEW YORK(RushPRNews)12/04/08-We could go on and on about why it’s better to adopt a mixed-breed dog than to buy a dog from a pet store or a breeder, but, as the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. That’s why we want you to send us pictures of your mutt (or mutts) for our Cutest Mutt Alive contest!

One winning dog will be featured on our Web site and mentioned in an upcoming issue of PETA’s Animal Times, and his or her guardian will win bragging rights at the dog park. But even if your dog doesn’t take the top prize in our contest, all mutts who find good homes are winners—and so are their guardians.

Whether from a pet store, a puppy mill, or an individual breeder, buying a dog means that an animal in an animal shelter will lose the chance to find a loving home. Purebred dogs also face a wide range of health problems because of years of inbreeding and human manipulation, while mixed-breed dogs are typically healthier than their purebred cousins. Mixed-breed dogs tend to live longer and are more unique too!

If you don’t already have a canine companion but you do have time and affection to spare, you can make a difference by adopting a loving, “fixed” mutt from your local animal shelter. And who knows, maybe next year he or she will take the top prize in PETA’s Cutest Mutt Alive contest!

Submit Your Photo!

To enter, all you have to do is put your information into the form below by January 5, 2009, and upload your photo. Finalists will be selected and featured on our Web site for a public voting round. The winner will be announced February 9, 2009.

To enter the contest, visit

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