Is Amy Winehouse Divorcing “Her Blake Incarcerated”?

LONDON(RushPRnews)13/11/08–Amy Winehouse and Blake Fielder-Civil have been married for 18 months and so much has changed in that small amount of time.

Back in May 2007, Winehouse was on top of the world with international success in her career, loads of potential to continue making it big and a new husband. But then it all unraveled.

The world watched as Winehouse succumbed to a reported drug addiction and her appearance in public and on stage became more and more worrisome.

Then her husband Blake was sent to prison for 27 months thanks to an assault on a pub landlord in June 2007 and her health started making headlines.

While most thought she would be ecstatic that her hubby was released from jail, it looks like she is now in talks with her lawyers to get a divorce.

Winehouse fears that her good-for-nothing husband is after her money. Case in point, as soon as he was released from jail and sent to rehab, he demanded that his wealthy wife pay the nearly £30,000 ($47,061) bill. And he boasted: “I am gonna see my wife and take her knickers down.”

A source close to Amy says, “Blake put on a real sob story in an emotional phone call with Amy on Wednesday, desperately begging her to meet him.

“But as Blake talked, Amy just humored him, almost ignoring him. She is fed up of her husband’s lies, and feels he’s very devious and manipulative. She has turned the corner. Once she hung off his every word but now Blake has to fight for her attention.”

Stay tuned as once considered “lost cause” Winehouse fights for her money and singlehood.

Source: TopSocialite

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