IPSEOM Group Launches US Operations for Search Engine Optimization SEO PR at AdTech New York

 IPSEOM Group Launches US Operations for Search Engine Optimization SEO PR at AdTech New York

New York, NY(RUSHPRNEWS)November 7, 2007 ….. The Internet Public Relations SEO Marketing Group – IPSEOM announced today that it will open offices in New York, serving the North American professional advertising, public relations and online interactive media industries. 

IPSEOM will be leveraging its specialized and respected experience in integrated media proprietary methods of Internet marketing, including public relations, social networking, online video, news, search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM).

IPSEOM is currently participating at the AdTech Internet advertising trade show in New York.  “After two days of witnessing a plethora of Internet advertising services, consisting of a majority of new,  inexperienced agencies, IPSEOM is fulfilling a critical need for honest and seasoned Internet marketing professionals to take a strong and confident lead in this emerging market,” says IPSEOM President Joel Leyden.

IPSEOM Group management has served the international advertising, public relations,  internet marketing and SEO industries for over 25 years.

“AdTech, the advertising technology trade show illustrates the very best, leading edge methods integrating bricks and mortar advertising, public relations, marketing and branding with Internet software and hardware,” said Randy Tischler, CEO of IPSEOM. “But AdTech in New York must be also be recognized for bringing together some of the finest and most creative minds in search engine optimization and search engine marketing. Not limited only to classic Web content to be found on Google, Yahoo and MSN, but also the optimization of news, blogs and social networking content as well.”

IPSEOM specializes in maximizing companies’ on-line presence and visibility by achieving top search engine placement or SEO – search engine optimization for their websites and ensuring effective media and promotional placement and exposure.

Through a systematic marketing consultative process, honed over years of Internet and PR experience, IPSEOM attains industry-leading Web presence for our clients, building brand recognition and fuellng their revenue stream.

Since 1995, IPSEOM has pioneered and refined proprietary search engine optimization methodologies that have delivered hard, proven results to dozens of clients from diverse industries, driving targeted, qualified traffic to their doorsteps.

“Search engine optimization (SEO) integrated with Internet viral marketing stands out as the most potent and cost-effective means of reaching any regional or global B2B or B2C audience,” says Tischler.

“Pay-Per-Click (or PPC) and other sponsored link marketing strategies function much like traditional advertising, in which large budgets purchase desirable, high traffic real estate. Search-engine users are aware, however, that the appearance of these sponsored advertised links on their search results pages is not due to the inherent value of the advertiser. As a result, well over 70% of people will not click on such sponsored links, preferring instead the organic results.”

Tischler continues: “In other words, the vast majority of people know that the real value lies in the organic search results on Google, Yahoo, MSN and AOL – the companies whose high ranking is due to their inherent value in relation to the subject being searched. Achieving search engine prominence is an ongoing, complex process, requiring constant monitoring and execution. Google’s prioritization of search results is largely guided by site relevance, and site relevance is affected by such factors as the quality and timeliness of inbound and outbound links. In other words, new, search-engine-optimized content must be consistently produced and distributed across key news services, directories, blogs and other relevant websites, and all this in a dynamic and constantly evolving market environment.”

“Successful organic search engine ranking, SEO optimization and Internet viral marketing and public relations to drive traffic to your site is the expertise of IPSEOM. It requires more creative skill and ingenuity than the classic advertising option, but the superior results and cost savings make it a no-brainer.”

Ad:tech is an interactive advertising and technology conference dedicated to connecting all sides of today’s brand marketing landscape. Worldwide shows blend keynote speakers, topic driven panels and interactive workshops to provide attendees with the tools and techniques they need to compete in a changing world.

CEOs, CMOs, marketing executives, brand managers, ad execs, media directors, buyers, planners, product managers, solution providers and creative directors will discover and discuss Interactive marketing, mobile marketing, gaming, TV 2.0, SEO, social media, marketing metrics, media buying, web analytics, and behavioral target marketing at the AtTech Internet trade show in New York from November 5 to November 8 at the New York Hilton.

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