IPhone Not For Sale Yet!

Huge reaction precipitated by technical error, which led MPhone webmaster to inadvertently post availability of the coveted Apple iPhone in March.

Sunnyville, CA(rushprnews) 03/01/2007 — iPhone fans flocked to the MPhone site, only to be disappointed to discover that the announcement made about the iPhone being available as much as two months earlier than expected was made inadvertently according to a spokesperson for MPhone online cell phone store.

A technical breach coupled with human error was cited as the cause for the notice being posted. Thousands of eager iPhone watchers flooded the new online store seeking more information, and were all sadly disappointed to find that there was none.
No one could believe how quickly the information spread

“No one could believe how quickly the information spread,” commented Harry Novick, Sr. Site Manager for MPhone. “While the error was contained within 24 hours, the misinformation traveled like wildfire across the web. There was a security breach; MPhone has no agreement with or any other carrier to carry the iPhone at this time. This was not meant to be released.”

MPhone focuses on selling high-quality wireless devices for the most popular carriers, such as Cingular Wireless and T-Mobile. Adds Novick, “Because of our distribution agreements with the major carriers we are unable to provide certain information to the public. The person who posted had no right to post, and we have taken measures to insure that a security breach like this does not happen again.”

About MPhone
MPhone is one of America’s leading online cell phone stores. MPhone provides customers with the ability to choose between a wide variety of cell phones and cell phone plans from carriers such as Cingular Wireless, Sprint PCS, Nextel, Verizon Wireless and T-Mobile. For more information visit their website at http://www.mphone.net.




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