Industry Weapon Announces Strategic Partnership

industryweapone.jpegIndustry Weapon Announces Strategic Partnership with Sports Image International

Pittsburgh, PA (RUSHPRNEWS) May 30, 2007 – Industry Weapon, an e-commerce brand builder and strategic marketer, today announced that is has established a new strategic partnership with Sports Image International.

Sports Image International is a company that creates a never-before-seen kind of sports collectibles and keepsakes. Using a new technique called lenticular flip technology, Sports Image International creates hi-definition images that appear to have moment and action, giving fans a unique look at some of the most memorable moments in sports history.

“SII’s products take lenticular photography to a level that no one in the sports market has seen before.” says Industry Weapon founder and CEO David Wible, “We’re excited to continue to work with SII’s team in developing products that push the boundaries in the memorabilia category.”

“Industry Weapon has been a strategic partner for us at Sports Image
International,” says SII CEO Marc Arnberg, “Working with them has helped us streamline the process of developing new product, and help us get to market more effectively.”

About Industry Weapon
Founded in 2006, Industry Weapon is an e-commerce brand building company that focuses on expanding a client’s channels of business and ROI through strategic positioning. Industry Weapon’s core focus is on market driven communities, in which intent, belief, resources, preferences and needs are analyzed and promoted to maximize client visibility and opportunities. Industry Weapon can be contacted via
their website

About Sports Image International
Founded in 1962, Meisner Gallery is proud to announce the creation of Sports Image International. Sports Image International creates news ways to print and portray the passion of sport. Working together with their partner National Graphics, holder of some of the most important patents in the lenticular printing industry, Sports Image International works directly with leagues, players and other professionals to produce unique collectibles for sports enthusiasts. Sports Image International can be contacted via their website at


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