iLoop Mobile Launches Version 4.9 of mFinityâ„¢ Platform

iLoop Mobile Launches Version 4.9 of mFinityâ„¢ Platform

iLoop Mobile’s Market Leading Platform Offers New Features Making Mobile Campaign Creation, Management and Reporting Fast and Easy

SAN JOSE, CA (RUSHPRNEWS)–March 5, 2009–iLoop Mobile, the leader in mobile technology and services for interactive mobile marketing and mobile content distribution, today announced the release of Version 4.9 of the company’s mFinity™ mobile platform. This update offers new capabilities that are powerful additions to the existing state-of-the-art mobile campaign creation and management platform. The new features are the result forward thinking market strategy combined with customer input based on real world campaign needs.

Some of the highlights are:

Mobile Greetings

The iLoop Mobile platform offers a mobile greetings solution that can instantly create a single mobile site page that lets end users send fun “mobile greeting card” pictures and mobile animations with personalized messages to a friend’s phone. From the mobile site page, the sender can select from different images or animations and type in a personal custom message to send it directly to a friend. iLoop Mobile customers use Mobile Greetings as an easy way to create viral marketing campaigns for the delivery of branded content. The new platform release now includes enhancements that add to the user experience.

  • Scheduling Messages: Mobile Greeting senders may now schedule the greeting to be sent on a particular day and time to coincide with birthdays, seasonal holidays or any other special event.

    Profanity Checking: Mobile Greetings offers profanity checking, which has been expanded to accommodate 3rd party profanity checking lists in addition to iLoop Mobile’s built-in checker that includes extensions to the industry’s unacceptable words lists. As new profanity checking services are implemented they will be added to the selection list. Captcha is also available for Mobile Greetings campaigns.

SMS Subscription/Alert Filters

iLoop Mobile’s SMS subscription and alert application offers “keyword aliases” offering multiple keywords for a single service. Keyword aliases can be created and used to identify opt-ins to a single campaign by market channel, geographical region, or other demographic distinctions. Using keyword aliases, an alerts service can have a call-to-action “Text ALERTSNY to 12345” in New York, and the call-to-action “Text ALERTSLA to 12345” in Los Angeles. The new SMS Subscription/Alert Filters can now target different messages to end users who opt in to a single subscription/alert based on the alias they used to opt in. This allows flexible control of targeted messaging from a single campaign, avoiding the need to create many separate campaigns.

New Reporting Features

There are two new summary reports for SMS subscription/alert services. The Group Message Summary lets you track messages by message type to analyze user behavior and success following the service messages. The Alias Details report enables you to view group opt-ins by the alias sent by the subscriber. This is particularly valuable when you link individual keyword aliases to marketing channels, e.g. using a separate alias for each television or radio ad, so you can analyze the success of the initiative for each ad.

iLoop Mobile’s SMS subscription/alert application also features the ability to create CRM categories of content the end user can choose from when opting in to the service, and capture end user profile data (age, date of birth, sex etc.) from Web-based forms. The Group Message Summary and Alias Details have been extended to let you further filter your reports by CRM data categories and sub-categories available to subscription groups.

Poll Participation Cap

For SMS polls or voting campaigns, the number of times an end user can vote can now be limited by any number by day, week or month. For example, the poll can be set for a limit of 2 votes per week by a single user. This is very useful for campaigns that require “1 person, 1 vote” parameters, or when a campaign wants to control the cost of SMS messaging.

AT&T’s Off Portal Purchase Controls (OPPC)

AT&T is transitioning to a new way of billing management for premium (fee-based) text services to ensure that all premium services are certified and billed correctly. iLoop Mobile has now implemented this “OPPC” billing support for all short codes that have access to AT&T.

About iLoop Mobile
iLoop Mobile is the leader in mobile technology and services for interactive mobile marketing and mobile content distribution. iLoop Mobile makes it fast and easy for brands, agencies, direct marketers, content owners and other companies to create compelling and effective mobile phone initiatives worldwide. iLoop Mobile’s platform offers an integrated self-service SAAS solution for creating and managing all types of SMS marketing/messaging, mobile Internet sites, mobile enabled Web sites, mobile advertising and many other mobile initiatives. Professional services and mobile marketing expertise is also available for companies looking for assistance with their mobile campaigns. For more information visit

iLoop Mobile Contact:

Michael Ahearn

VP Marketing + Communications

(408) 907-3367

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