Iams Home 4 the Holidays Breaks Adoption Record

Iams Home 4 the Holidays Breaks Adoption Record Passing the 600,000 Mark – And Highlights Focus on Animal Welfare

DAYTON, OHIO(RushPRNews)12/05/08 – After only eight weeks into the campaign, Iams Home 4 the Holidays surpasses their previous adoption record by helping 646,171 dogs and cats find homes (as of Nov. 30). This year marks the 10th anniversary for the global pet adoption campaign which has partnered together with Helen Woodward Animal Center and more than 3,400 shelters worldwide to help find homes for 1 million homeless pets this holiday season.

“Iams Home 4 the Holidays is only one example of Iams’ commitment to enhancing the lives of dogs and cats and promoting animal welfare,” said Mike Arms, president of Helen Woodward Animal Center and founder of Home 4 the Holidays. “Iams’ commitment to dogs and cats is not only evident in their products and philanthropic efforts but as well as their animal health studies and facilities.”

Mike Arms’ career in animal welfare began in 1969 in New York where he was nearly killed in the line of duty while trying to rescue an orphaned puppy. Since then and throughout the last 40 years, Arms has been responsible for finding homes for millions of orphaned dogs and cats. In 2003, he became a charter member of the Iams Animal Welfare Advisory Board, created by Iams and comprises thought leaders in animal welfare. Through this Advisory Board, Iams continues to break new ground in the areas of animal care and housing and laboratory alternatives to animal studies. These are all in keeping with the brand’s commitment to excellence in innovation and animal care.

Iams believes they are accountable for ensuring their products are wholesome and consumers can feed them with confidence. Because of this commitment, Iams chooses to conduct studies in the homes of their employee families. Today, more than 600 employee families participate in the in-home testing program.

“Even though the vast majority of Iams’ feeding studies are conducted in an in-home setting, there are some studies that require in-depth data gathering in a more controlled environment. Iams does this type of feeding study in their company-owned Pet Health and Nutrition Center,” said Arms. “These studies follow the industry-leading research protocol which was developed in conjunction with us on the Advisory Board.”

The Pet Health and Nutrition Center is a state-of-the-art facility, with dogs and cats living in a cageless environment, receiving proper socialization in an enriched setting. The studies are monitored by Iams’ staff of veterinarians, behaviorists and independent experts.

“Because dogs are pack animals, the dogs are housed with a companion,” notes Arms, who has toured and visited the Pet Health and Nutrition Center numerous times. “Each kennel has that specific dog’s toys, comfortable bed and a doggie-door that allows them access to an outdoor run, giving the dogs extensive room for exercise and play. In addition to the outdoor area, there is a nice park adjacent to the kennels where the dogs play in groups.”

“All of the felines are housed in compatible social groups. Each room is furnished with beds, toys (to stimulate play) and several perches, which allow the cats to observe things from a higher viewpoint. The rooms also have a large window with a platform where the cats can lay in the sun or watch birds outside. It’s very much a pet resort.”

All of the dogs and cats reach a point in their life when it’s time to leave the Pet Health and Nutrition Center. At that point, they are either adopted into a home or placed into retirement. Either way, they will live out their lives in comfort with quality food, outstanding companionship, and top-notch veterinary care.

“Unfortunately, there is still highly inaccurate and misleading information on the Internet regarding Iams,” laments Arms. “Like Helen Woodward Animal Center, Iams is dedicated to enhancing the lives of cats and dogs, with a deep commitment to their health and welfare. We are baffled as to why these groups continue to criticize Iams, who is a leader in animal welfare. Their decade-long commitment to Iams Home 4 the Holidays is a single example of the many ways they enhance the lives of dogs and cats, and I’m proud to call them a partner.”

If you are interested in learning more, please visit www.animalcenter.org, www.iamshome4theholidays.com, and www.IamsTruth.com. You can also contact Iams directly at (800) 525-4267.

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