Howard K. Stern Appeal Paternity Ruling

Annanicolebaby315Howard K. Stern appeals paternity ruling

Bahama, (rushprnews)March 29, 2007-  In the latest development in the paternity battle for Anna Nicole Smith’s baby Dannielynn, 6 months, we have now learned that Howard K. Stern has filed an appeal in the case. DNA was taken from Dannielynn and Larry Birkhead last week.

(Howard did not need to provide DNA, since under Bahamian law he is the father as stated on the birth certificate.) Test results typically take three to five days, however, there is a gag order in effect in this case that will keep the identity of the father confidential until at least April 3rd, when the next meeting in the paternity case is scheduled to take place. The date was set to allow Howard time to appeal.

Meanwhile, a battle has been brewing between Larry and Anna’s estranged mother Virgie Arthur. Last week Virgie made a statement saying that she wanted to raise Dannielynn, to which Larry had a quick response. He said,”No one will take my child and raise it except me. That is final. She is my baby girl and I will raise her.

Virgie then responded by saying:

The most important thing in my life right now is the safety of Dannielynn. I do not believe Howard is the child’s father and most certainly not the right person to be looking after her. If that means seeking custody while this mess is sorted out, then that is what I will do. I know and like Larry but of course I want to be a part of Dannielynn’s life and for her to grow up in the happy and stable environment she needs.

As of now it seems unknown when we will find out the results of paternity and at this point somewhat unlikely that we will know anything on April 3rd. Larry stays optimistic, as always. After the appeal was filed he told reporters that Howard can try to ‘delay as long as he wants, you can’t delay forever.’

Source: ET Online


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