Howard K Stern and the Raw Deal- Who is the Victim Here?

Howard K SternHoward K Stern and the Raw Deal –Demonized by the Media
By JJ Allen AC
Hollywood,CA(rushprnews) April 11, 2007- Howard K. Stern is getting a raw deal. In the weeks since the death of his beloved Anna Nicole Smith, the media and the public have been blaming Howard K. Stern for Howard is being painted as a bad guy who let Anna Nicole Smith waste away on drugs. It is as if Anna Nicole Smith herself has absolutely no personal responsibility for her own life and behavior.

It is as if the doctors prescribing the drugs she was taking don’t even exist. Everything we hear about Howard K. Stern is that he is an enabler and or a murderer.Why is anyone expected to control the behavior of another? Howard loved Anna, and he did what he could when he could, but ultimately, she is the one who took the drugs. She is the only one who could make that choice.

If you have ever known an addict of any kind, you know you cannot control that person. Maybe if your loved one is a minor, then you could legally place him or her into a treatment facility against his or her will. However, Anna Nicole Smith was not a minor and she was not the ward of Howard K. Stern. She was his friend and confidante. She was not his child. Why would Howard want Anna dead?

When the media and society place the blame on Howard K. Stern, they are sending the wrong message about drug use and abuse. Where did the idea of personal responsibility go? Why is the public trying to hang this on Howard? Is it because he is the one left alive? If it had been Howard K. Stern who died instead of Anna Nicole Smith, would she be the one being attacked? Is it only because she is dead that she is being absolved of any responsibility for her own actions? Isn’t that a bit unfair?

Howard is a man who seems to me to have lost everything that mattered to him. Larry Birkhead, on the other hand, is enjoying a sudden celebrity status with stalkers and paparazzi. Howard K. Stern has to suffer the death of a woman he clearly adored after suffering the death of her son with her. Howard was with Anna Nicole Smith just before her death. Larry Birkhead has not been with Anna for a long time before her death, and now is being exalted as some kind of super dad.

Granted, the one thing about Birkhead that seems noble is that he was fighting to gain access to the child he believes is his daughter long before Anna Nicole Smith died, but why did she send him away?

Why would she pretend he is not the father if she knows he is? What did she know about Larry Birkhead that we do not? If she is such an angel who was victimized by Howard K. Stern, then why would she do this to Larry Birkhead and her daughter if she knew that he was at least a strong contender for the role of dad? We can’t have it both ways.

If Anna Nicole Smith is the victim of Howard K. Stern, then who is Larry Birkhead the victim of? It is absurd to think that the woman who we saw on the Anna Nicole Smith Show could not or would not control her own destiny. Before passing judgment on Stern just because he was close to the fire, ask whether or not he had any way to control the fire. You can’t make people do what they do not want to do, and especially not wealthy celebrities.
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