Twilight – Love at First Bite Coming for a Second Serving

By Mary Montserrat-Howlett

LOS ANGELES(RushPRnews)11/29/08–People say they have a thing for vampires, but Twilight’s success at this past weekend’s box-office, proves this is more than just a teenage crush. And according to polls on one of the Web’s top movie and entertainment destinations,, 64% of Twilight movie-goers, plan to go see the film again.

Granted, Twilight author, Stephanie Meyer’s series of four vampire-based fantasy/romance novels, certainly had an established fanbase beforehand. The four Twilight books sold more than 25 million copies worldwide, and 20 million of those copies were sold in the USA alone. But when Fandango spokesperson, Harry Medved, (who was also a fan of the book) attended the Comic Con screening for Twilight, he wasn’t sure if he had just walked in to a movie screening or a Beatles concert.

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“There were about 6, 500 screaming girls, going out of control over Robert Pattinson. We knew the film had a fanbase, but we never expected this.” Medved says: “I knew right away, this movie was going to be huge.”

And who would have thought that an independent film like Twilight (which sold over $69 million in its weekend release) would top a mega movie blockbuster like Quantum of Solace (which sold $67,528,882) in its opening weekend?

Moreover, with the economy in such a fragile state, what keeps people going to the movies? Chief Operating Officer at Fandango, Rick Butler says “Even through tough economic times, people still look to the movies as a great escape.”

One teenage heart throb, a little blood sucking, and you have the formula for a hit film.  The perfect mix of bad boy you can’t have, but good guy who will protect you no matter what. The tempting ideal for many girls, (though the ones over 25 will likely deny it.)

Twilight’s unusual love story of the saga of Bella and Edward, comprises steamy vampire sensuality, which certainly struck a chord with the female 13-20 crowd.

Here’s a piece of news that is sure to please many…Talks about the a Twilight sequel is well under-way among film executives, writers and the director, and from the reception of the first installment, it is sure to be another box office hit.

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