Housewives’ Gaby Will Play Mom to Teen Queen’s Sis

LOS ANGELES,(RUSHPRNEWS)AUGUST 7, 2008-In an interesting-ish bit of corporate synergy, Disney Channel star Demi Lovato’s 6-year-old half-sister has landed a role on ABC’s Desperate Housewives. Madison Delagarza will play Gabrielle Solis’ older daughter, Juanita, who, as seen in the season-ending flash-forward (then played by another actress), is quite the handful — and but one new headache for FutureGaby. “Gabrielle’s circumstances have changed the most” of any Housewife, exec producer Bob Daily tells On top of her and still-blind Carlos’ new roles as parents, “They’re dropping rung-by-run down the ladder… dealing with a lack of money and a lack of social status.”

Eva Longoria Parker is perhaps the biggest fan of the slipped-down-and-out Gaby. Upon filming her first scenes of the new season, she reviewed the coverage and asked that she be made even frumpier. Says Daily, “Everyone who didn’t know Eva was surprised by how into it she was.”


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