Horror Film “DEADLY END” To be Released Uncut January 29th

HORROR FILM “DEADLY END” aka “Neighborhood Watch” To be Released Uncut January 29th

LOS ANGELES, (RUSHPRNEWS) January 23, 2008 – Horror film “DEADLY END“, aka “Neighborhood Watch”, is being released unrated and uncut January 29th by Full Moon’s Lunatic Releasing.  The movie stars Pell James, Jack Huston, and Nick Searcy, and was written and directed by Graeme Whifler.  States the director, “This is one horror film that must be seen to be believed!  It’s not lightheartedly humorous, it’s not forgiving, and it’s a hell of a challenge to watch certain scenes because of their repulsive contents, but these are the perfect ingredients for what is essentially a perfect horror film.” 

Audience causality saves DEADLY END.  Fantasia Film Festival, Montreal, Canada, the movie DEADLY END was being screened.  In the audience sat director Stuart Gordon of Re-Animator fame.  As the movie grids to its climax, commotion breaks out in the packed theater as somebody goes into convulsions. It is none other than Stuart Gordon who rushes to the rescue and helps get the stricken man medical attention at a hospital.  Witnessing first hand DEADLY END’S visceral impact, Stuart vows to find the movie a distributor.

As it screened at dozens of festivals across theUS andEurope, DEADLY END built up a cadre of fans as well as a list of causalities.   While most laughed with delight, a few vulnerable audience members were passing out, or breaking out in hives, or suffering psychological breakdowns.  The last reported incidence was at the Utopiales Festival International of Fantastic Film, France, where a young woman in the audience required hospitalization, but is ok now.  Yet with all these fantastic audience reactions, not one distributor would agree to take on this film… unless the movie underwent massive cuts and reediting to make it… nicer.

Stuart Gordon rides to the rescue again.  He screens the movie for long time associate Charles Band who loves what he sees.  Charles Band agrees to distribute the movie under his new label, Lunatic Releasing with two conditions, not a frame will cut, the film will have to go out unrated, and for reasons legal and technical, the new title is, DEADLY END.  In stores and everywhere, 1/29/08.

For additional press info, photos or interviews with the director or cast please write to:  adrien@deadlyendthemovie.com


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