Hollywood Today – Lindsay Lohan Faces Mandatory Jail Time – More Rehab Won’t Save Her Now

lindsey lohan's mug shot Hollywood Today – Lindsay Lohan Faces Mandatory Jail Time -  More Rehab Won’t Save Her Now!
If prosecuted successfully on the cocaine charges, jailtime could be years.
By Jeffrey Jolson for Hollywood Today

HOLLYWOOD, CA (rushprnews) July 25, 2007 – Lindsay Lohan may be getting Paris Hilton’s old cell in Los Angeles. Lohan faces mandatory jail time of up to 30 days after being booked for the second time in a week on drunk driving charges, this time with cocaine in her pocket and a suspended license.

Days after turning herself in for a formal arrest for a July 13 DUI, Lohan’s legal and personal problems continue to mount after her latest arrest Tuesday for DUI and cocaine in Santa Monica.

California second offense DUI law mandates she spend between four and 30 days in jail, not including the narcotic charges or driving on a suspended license. She must also attend 18 months of Drug and alcohol classes and loss of driver’s license for 18 months. The $10,000 to $30,000 in fines and attorney fees are the least of her problems.

“What’s important now is there was a precedent set when Paris Hilton went to jail, and I don’t see now how a court will be lenient with one and appropriate on another,” said substance abuse expert and interventionist Maureen Felkner,

Lohan had just fired her assistant, and proceeded to follow her in her SUV to a parking lot that turned out to be adjacent to the Santa Monica Police headquarters. While the former assistant was being followed, she had her mother call 911, and later said she was frightened and did not know it was Lohan’s car.

Police arrived to find them in “heated debate.” They field tested Lohan for alcohol and found a .12 to .13 reading, well over California’s .08 level benchmark for an arrest.

After the field sobriety test, the 21-year-old movie star was booked on two misdemeanor charges of suspicion of driving under the influence and driving on a suspended license and two felony charges of possession of cocaine and transport of a narcotic, police officials told AP.

During a pre-booking search, police found cocaine in one of Lohan’s pants pockets, they said. Several hours later, Lohan was released on $25,000 bail.

This all come less than two weeks out of rehab, with another drunk driving case hearing from the July bust coming up on Aug. 24.

Police said the woman drove her black Cadillac Escalade into the parking lot of Santa Monica’s Civic Auditorium, about a block away from the Santa Monica Police Department, followed by Lohan driving a Denali sport utility vehicle. Authorities arrived and saw Lohan and the woman in “heated debate,” Officer Alex Padilla told AP. Lohan and the woman each had two passengers in their vehicles, Padilla said.

Padilla said he didn’t know why Lohan was trying to catch the woman, whom he didn’t name.

Last week, Lohan turned herself in to Beverly Hills police to face charges of driving under the influence in connection with a Memorial Day weekend hit-and-run crash.

“The person who does not stop despite negative consequences, has an addiction. Like Paris and Britney Spears, she can afford a driver,” Felkner said. People who are impaired when they get

Lohan left Promises Malibu Alcohol and Drug Rehab Treatment Facility on July 13, after a stay of more than six weeks.

When she left, Zelnik said Lohan would voluntarily wear an alcohol-monitoring bracelet. “In part she is wearing the bracelet so there are no questions about her sobriety if she chooses to go dancing or dining in a place where alcohol is served,” Zelnik said in a statement at the time.

Padilla said he wasn’t sure if Lohan was wearing it when she was stopped early Tuesday.

In January, Lohan also had checked into rehab for substance abuse treatment.


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