Hollywood Goes Virtual

Digital Hollywood 2008: Hollywood and the Geek Meet for Virtual New World

By Deborah Nelson for Hollywood Today

HOLLYWOOD, CA (rushprnews) 5/17/08 — “It is the best of times, it is the worst of times.” Digital Hollywood is struggling to bring together an intriguing mix of minds from the multi-billion dollar worlds of Madison Avenue, Hollywood, and Silicone Valley. They are all in search of a new Virtual Golden Age of Hollywood.
Convergence of the medias brought to high definition TV is predicted by Nielsen to be a reality in 70% of US homes by 2010.
Digital Hollywood is the premier entertainment and technology conference in the country. Topics discussed were Money, Media, Entertainment & Technology; Reinventing Advertising: Content, Commerce & Communications; Hollywood 2.0 – Platforms and Content; The Personalized Media Experience – Mobile, Social Media & Search; Digital Rights Management and Content Rights and Legal Workshops; The Web 2.0 Technology, Visualization & Commerce Workshops; OnDemand Content & Technology The Digital Home: The Transformation, The Technology and the Consumer.
Some of the companies represented were Google, Utube, MySpace, Sony Pictures, IBM, Associated Press, Silverlight, Choice Stream, Microsoft, and executives from Hollywood studios and networks.

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