Hillary Clinton Endorsed by Actress/Musician Danielle Egnew

Award-Winning LGBT Entertainment Icon and Activist Endorses Hillary Clinton

LOS ANGELES , Calif (RUSHPRNEWS) February 9, 2008 - At a private event in Sherman Oaks, CA, Musician and Actress Danielle Egnew announced that she is endorsing Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

Egnew, a multi-award winning musician, actress, radio host, and producer with many diverse artistic and social contributions in both the mainstream and LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender) community has been the subject of magazine cover stories, books, and talk show segments. She has supported and worked on fringe liberal initiative campaigns in Virginia , California , and Washington State ranging from same-sex marriage, upholding living wills, universal health care and is now a passionate Hillary Clinton supporter.

“I’ve followed this campaign for months, long before it ever hit TV, and overwhelmingly, after scrutinizing the facts past the normal campaign-hype, I fully support Hillary Clinton,” Egnew said in her speech. “Hillary was standing up for LGBT rights and women’s rights in the post-Bush early 90’s, before it was the hip thing to do and stuck her neck out for change before it was a buzzword. Now I’m sticking my neck out for her” she added.

Egnew cautioned voters to look beyond what she termed “the election floorshow on TV.” “This is not voting for the finals on American Idol,” she stressed. “ America ’s criteria for the office of the President should be a little higher than who can put on the flashiest two-minute performance on camera. You’re not going to get a brand new cast of candidates to choose from next season. You’re voting for the office of the President of the United States .”

“People want to vote for change, but what is ‘change’ unless it is executed? It’s just another buzzword. Change only occurs when the right person is in place with the best plan for immediate action. Hillary Clinton is that right person. I love ideals, but I love an actual plan even better.”

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