Here Comes the Rain Again, Giving Tampa Bay a Chance at World Series

UnprecedentedWeather Forecast for Tonight’s Game Not Promising

PHILADELPHIA(RushPRnews/Hollywood Today) 10/28/08 –Despite Major League Baseball efforts to make sure the World Series went on as scheduled, buckets of rain called a halt to game five of the Fall Classic with the Phillies ahead 3-1 in the series but tied with the TB Rays in this do-or-die game at two runs apiece.

It was a swamp on the infield in Philadelphia, and it looked like the pitcher’s mound was going to melt away as a storm swept the Northwest. And weather radar, closely watched by MLB including it’s Commissioner Bud Selig in attendance, shows no let up for two days – hence why everyone tried to let the show go on. Even when the muddy field disfavored Tampa Bay, whose base-running speed helped get them into the World Series.

Any game during mid-season would have been shut down by the third inning, but this went to the sixth – making it an official game – even though the cameras could hardly shoot at times during the downpour. It looked like the only people in the stadium not covered by plastic were the players. Even the umps had rain jackets on.

TB was probably lucky. The Phillies, looking to clinch the Series for the first time since 1980, were the Riders of the Storm at two runs to one until the last minute the game was postponed, when the Rays saw a little sunshine with a run that kept them from losing the World Series – and gave them another chance on another day.

Game 3 was rain-delayed, though just for a short while.
MLB chief Selig said “We were told (before the game) there was only going to be a tenth an inch of rain, everyone decided we would play the game. I came down in the fourth and fifth inning and was getting very nervous. In the sixth, I decided the game was to be suspended. I can’t tell you tonight when the game will be resumed, but the health and welfare of our players is paramount.”

Tomorrow’s forecast in Philly even includes possible snow. Selig will try to get the game done on Tuesday, but think Wednesday. “We still have a heartbeat,” said TB player Carlos Pena with a ray of hope.

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