Help for Macy’s Employees Hit by Layoffs

Help for Macy’s Employees Hit by Layoffs

EDINA, Minn. (RUSHPRNEWS)  February 9, 2008 – A new web site,, aims to help Macy’s employees hit by recent layoffs.”In the wake of Macy’s cutting nearly 2,300 jobs in Minneapolis, St. Louis, and Seattle, it’s important for those displaced workers to get job-search help quickly. So I’ve set up a free information site at to help,” said author and employment expert Kevin Donlin.

“The most important thing you can do if you’ve been laid off at Macy’s — or anywhere — is save all the contact information you have from managers, co-workers, clients, vendors and others. Anyone you’ve talked to at work in the last 2-3 years can be a potential lead to a new job. Don’t walk out on your last day of work without those phone numbers and email addresses,” advises Donlin.

Visitors to will learn how to:

* Make the phone ring with interview offers after choosing the right 3 skills to “sell” an employer.

* Stop sending ordinary cover letters, and start sending something else.

* Find the best, most in-demand jobs using free, often-overlooked Web sites.

“Right now, these laid-off Macy’s employees are feeling angry and hurt. That’s understandable. But success can be the best revenge. That’s why anyone who suddenly finds themselves out of work should channel their anger into the job search, so they can get hired faster and get on with their lives,” says Donlin.

Donlin offers one final bit of advice for the newly unemployed.

“Sit down today, call the five most successful people you know, and ask them how they got their last three jobs. In return, you will get 15 proven ways to find a job, any one of which could get you hired. But you will also be networking while you’re on the phone with those people. And you will be flattering them as you listen to their stories. Because people who like you are more likely to refer you to people who can hire you, you can’t help but turn these five phone calls into at least one solid job lead,” he says.

To download a free job-search guide or learn more, please visit

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