Harrison Ford Narrates Documentary Film about Dalai Lama

Dalai LamaHarrison Ford Narrates Documentary Film about Dalai Lama

 LOS ANGELES, Calif.(RUSHPRNEWS) November 8, 2007 – Actor Harrison Ford is narrating a new documentary film about the Dalai Lama, entitled “Dalai Lama Renaissance” (www.DalaiLamaFilm.com).  Film Critic John Griffin of the Montreal Gazette calls Dalai Lama Renaissance “a provocative, even enlightening film” and “fascinating, ravishingly beautiful and sonically soothing.”

The 80 minute documentary won a “Best Feature Documentary Film” award at the Moondance International Film Festival at Universal Studios in Los Angeles (Sept 2007), and a “Best Documentary Film Audience Award” from the Big Bear Lake International Film Festival in big Bear Lake, California (Sept 2007).

Harrisson FordThe film has been accepted to at least 19 film festivals around the world, including four sold-out screenings at the Montreal World Film Festival (August 25-28, 2007), three sold-out screenings at FilmFest Munich (Germany – June 22-30, 2007), and sold-out screenings at the Telluride MountainFilm Festival (May 2007). It has also been accepted to the 52nd Cork Film Festival in Ireland, and several other international film festivals.

“I narrated ‘Dalai Lama Renaissance,’” says Harrison Ford, “because I believe His Holiness is making a positive influence in our world.  For me, the film represented an opportunity to continue assisting the optimistic efforts of an extraordinary individual.” Ford is also starring in “Indian Jones 4,” which is directed by Stephen Spielberg and will be released in May 2008.

“Dalai Lama Renaissance” is only among a small handful of documentaries that Ford has chosen to narrate during his career. Ford has starred in such blockbuster films as “Raider of the Lost Ark” & the “Indiana Jones” movies, “Star Wars,” “The Fugitive,” “Witness,” and many others. Harrison Ford’s films have the second highest worldwide box office gross (over $5.5 billion) of any actor in history. Ford is also starring in “Indian Jones 4,” which is directed by Stephen Spielberg and will be released in May 2008.

“Dalai Lama Renaissance”- produced, directed and co-edited by filmmaker Khashyar Darvich- is the story of 40 Western innovative thinkers who travel to India in the Himalayan Mountains to meet with the Dalai Lama to solve many of the world’s problems. What happened was surprising and unexpected, and was captured by a five camera, 18 person crew.

The film also features two of the starring quantum physicists from the hit documentary “What the Bleep Do We Know,” Physicists Fred Alan Wolf and Ami Goswami. Also appearing in “Dalai Lama Renaissance” are Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith (founder and director of Agape International Spiritual Center, who appears in the film “The Secret” with Wolf), ground-breaking social scientist Jean Houston and author and radio host Thom Hartmann.

The film has a world-class music soundtrack that includes original music from one of the master sitar players in the world, Roop Verma, who is a protégé of legendary Indian musicians Ravi Shankar and Ali Akbar Khan. One of the top three Tibetan musicians in the West, Tashi Dhondup Sharzur, has also recorded original music for the film. Composer Henry Reid, who has contributed to the Grammy-Award-Winning group “Manheim Steamroller,” is composing the Western music.

Robert McFalls, one of the editors of the Academy Award-winning Documentary “American Dream,” is Co-Editor of “Dalai Lama Renaissance” with Darvich.

Producer-Director Khashyar Darvich spent six years producing and editing “Dalai Lama Renaissance,” and funded the film independently since he wanted to make sure that the film would be made with the highest integrity.

After one of Darvich’s interviews with the Dalai Lama, the Dalai Lama affirmed Darvich’s and Wakan Films’ motivations in producing films– “Yes I like your questions,” the Dalai Lama told Darvich, as the two were standing together talking after the interview. “Certainly, your effort can make some contribution—there’s no doubt.”

“Dalai Lama Renaissance” is schedule for release in theaters in the Spring 2008. For more information, please see www.DalaiLamaFilm.com, or contact Wakan Films at: information@DalaiLamaFilm.com or 310-772-8272.

Three film trailer for “Dalai Lama Renaissance” can be found here: http://www.dalailamafilm.com/trailer.html

The Electronic Press Kit for the film can be found here: http://dalailamafilm.com/press/

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