Hair World’s “Smoothest Couple” Beyonce and Jay-Z

BBC NEWS- Jay Z BeyonceFirst Annual “Celebrity Nad’s” Awards Announced Thursday March 1, 10:47 am ETnn    “Hair Removal Leader Singles Out World’s “Smoothest Celebs”

LOS ANGELES,CA(rushprnews)03/02/2007–The makers of Nad’s Hair Removal products have announced their official selections for the first annual “Nad’s Awards,” headlined by Scarlett Johansson and Owen Wilson, who were selected as “Smoothest Celebrities of the Year.”Jon Stewart and Oprah Winfrey were named “Smoothest Television Personalities”; while Dwayne Wade and Maria Sharapova were named “Smoothest Athletes” and Beyonce and Jay-Z claimed the “Smoothest Couple” prize.

In the interest of promoting “smooth and sophisticated sexiness” as well as a clean, healthy image, the makers of Nad’s, with offices in Los Angeles and Sydney, Australia pored over a year’s worth of celebrity interviews and appearances in an effort to single out those “most smooth,” both literally and figuratively.

A list of additional celebrities were awarded specific “smooth body” awards, ranging from “Best Brows” (George Clooney and Eva Longoria) to “Best in Briefs” (Daniel Craig).

All those named recipients of Nad’s Awards were sent their commemorative trophies along with gift baskets packed with an assortment of Nad’s all natural hair removal products.

On a more serious note, Angelina Jolie was named the first ever recipient of the “Emerald Image Award,” presented to a “celebrity who in ’06 exemplified philanthropic caring for others.”

The complete list of Nad’s Awards honorees are listed below:

Nad’s Smoothest Screen Celebrity of the Year (Female) Scarlett Johansson Nad’s Smoothest Screen Celebrity of the Year (Male) Owen Wilson Nad’s Smoothest Couple of the Year Beyonce and Jay-Z Nad’s Smoothest Television Personality of the Year (Female) Oprah Winfrey Nad’s Smoothest Television Personality of the Year (Male) Jon Stewart Nad’s Smoothest Athlete of the Year (Female) Maria Sharapova Nad’s Smoothest Athlete of the Year (Male) Dwayne Wade Nad’s Smoothest Musician of the Year (Female) Gwen Stefani Nad’s Smoothest Musician of the Year (Male) Justin Timberlake Naughty Nad’s Naughty Girl of the Year Lindsay Lohan Naughty Nad’s Naughty Boy of the Year Simon Cowell Nad’s “Smooth Body” Awards Best Brows (male) George Clooney Best Brows (female) Eva Longoria Best Chest (male) Matthew McConaughey Best Legs (female) Charlize Theron Best Bikini Body (female) Jessica Alba Best in Briefs (male) Daniel Craig The Emerald Image Award Angelina Jolie

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