Google Hot Trends (USA) Jul 18, 2008

google hot trendsGoogle Hot Trends A True Reflection of What People Are Using Today

MOUNTAIN VIEW (RUSHPRNEWS) JULY 18, 2008 – With Hot Trends, you can see a snapshot of what’s on the public’s collective mind by viewing the fastest-rising searches for different points of time. You can see a list of today’s top 100 fastest-rising search queries in the U.S. You can also select a recent date in history to see what the top rising searches were and what the search activity looked like over the course of that day. We update Hot Trends hourly.

Hot Trends reflects what people are searching for on Google today. Rather than showing the most popular searches overall, which would always be generic terms like ‘weather,’ Hot Trends highlights searches that experience sudden surges in popularity, and updates that information hourly. Our algorithm analyzes millions of web searches performed on Google and displays those searches that deviate the most from their historic traffic pattern. The algorithm also filters out spam and removes inappropriate material. For each search, Hot Trends shows related searches and a search volume graph. The page also displays news, blog posts, and web results to give context about why a search may be appearing on the Hot Trends list. You can also choose a date in the past to see what the top Hot Trends were for that date by clicking change date.

1. mike golic
2. ryugyong hotel
3. batman villains
4. batman 3
5. the view the n word
6. amber arpaio
7. peloponnesian war
8. sustainable business
9. alcohol can be a gas
10. starbucks closing list
11. jvc grda30 minidv digital camcorder w/30x optical zoom
12. teen dating
13. greg norman chris evert
14. hotel of doom
15. jvc gr da30
16. the dark knight
17. citigroup
18. wrif
19. watchmen
20. nancy cooper blog
21. invalid aim server address
22. david blume
23. the joker
24. belladonna
25. heath ledger joker
26. two face
27. scott peterson blog
28. dimebon
29. zwinky
30. titan robot
31. julia allison
32. internet outage
33. john marzano
34. internet status
35. watchmen movie
36. watch the dark knight online
37. dark knight after credits
38. wotlk wiki
39. kismat konnection review
40. batman and robin
41. hare ram movie review
42. internet down
43. roland kickinger
44. victor garber
45. laguna seca
46. next batman movie
47. digit ratio
48. deconstruction
49. dark knight box office
50. harvey dent
51. الجامعة الاسلامية
52. barr
53. margot stilley
54. imdb
55. reborn baby dolls
56. jack nicholson joker
57. keith ledger
58. wotlk beta
59. citigroup earnings
60. ethanol intoxication
61. metro center
62. chime
63. riding the bullet
64. the beginning is the end is the beginning
65. watchmen trailer song
66. statue of liberty island
67. ventrilo
68. laci peterson
69. christopher nolan
70. reality bites back
71. morgan leigh norman
72. why so serious
73. the who
74. cakefarts
75. batman reviews
76. the riddler
77. nordstrom
78. ticket atlantic
80. bachelors
82. barr pharmaceuticals
83. teva
84. free stuff without surveys
85. the man who cried
86. burn notice s02e02
87. santa gold
88. ask
89. syracuse nationals
90. batman the dark knight reviews
91. aim express
92. santogold
93. khosro shakibai
94. batman forever
95. hamlet 2
96. shippuuden 67
97. caroline rhea
98. micera
99. smart people
100. ehwotay

Google Trends provides insights into broad search patterns. Please keep in mind that several approximations are used when computing these results.

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