Golden Globes 2009 Come Back with a Bang led by HBO

Adams continues his run for top office

By Alex Ben Block

BEVERY HILLS (RushPRnews/Hollywood Today) 1/13/09– A year after the Golden Globes were reduced to a press conference, the Hollywood Foreign Press’s big show returned to form on Sunday night as Hollywood’s best party of the year. And that was only the show. Also returning was the tradition of after parties scattered throughout the Beverly Hilton Hotel, immediately following the telecast. There weren’t as many as in past years, but the those that did return were as spirited as the show itself, which at times got so boisterous it seemed as if the handing out of awards was getting in the way of the schmoozing, back slapping and glad handing.

It was once again a big night for HBO, which picked up a quartet of awards for the epic historical miniseries “John Adams” as well as single awards related to the shows “True Blood,” “In Treatment” and “Recount.”

As in past years, the HBO party took over a space in the lower level of the Hilton that sprawled across a large L-shaped restaurant and the entire pool area. A boisterous crowd filled the area with a festive spirit, as stars, filmmakers, executives, friends, neighbors and countrymen circulated and worked the room.

Among those celebrating were Tom Hanks, who attended with his wife Rita Wilson; and was joined by the cast of “John Adams,” which he produced. Hanks was ensconced in a booth with Los Angeles Police Chief William Bratton and his wife, Rikki Klieman. Nearby Paul Giamatti was leading one conversation while a few booths away Laura Linney sat at one table and Tom Wilkinson at another, each with a Golden Globe trophy nearby.

The cast of HBO’s hit series “Entourage” were all on hand, along with producer Mark Wahlberg. Adrian Grenier, Kevin Connolly and Rex Lee, who plays agent assistant Lloyd were fan magnets. Jerry Ferra, who plays Turtle, was there with real life girl friend Jamie Lynn Siegler, formerly of The Sopranos, who also plays his love interest on the show. And Jeremy Piven, who plays agent Ari Gold, was there looking hale and hearty, only a couple weeks after he had to leave a Broadway show because of a health problem reportedly caused by mercury poisoning.

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Piven made his way down a row of steam tables offering a wide range of gourmet food, and piled his plate with salad, chicken and beef, but no fish that might contain even more mercury.Leonardo DiCaprio, who did not win an award despite being nominated for “Revolutionary Road,” but watched his co-star Kate Winslet make history by accepting a pair of awards, held court in a corner with a group of friends, insisting he was not upset that he had not won.

HBO star Bill Maher was at another table, while a host of other stars moved about including Sigourney Weaver, “Ugly Betty’s” America Ferrera, Jessica Lange, Dennis Leary, Terrance Howard and arriving well after the party started, Kevin Bacon and wife Kyra Segwick.

Among the top HBO execs on hand were Richard Plepler, Michael Lombardo and Nancy Lesser.
Up on the rooftop of the Hilton, NBC Universal welcomed the happy cast of “30 Rock,” one of the nights big winners, led by producer and star Tina Fey, accompanied by Jane Krakowski, along with Tracy Morgan and Jack McBrayer. Alec Baldwin, who also picked up a Globe, left immediately after the show.

Others sitting around tables covered with black cloths in a huge striped tent included Frank Langella, who plays Nixon in “Frost/Nixon,” and Globe winner Colin Farrell, Anne Hathaway and Jane Seymour. The NBC, Universal and Focus Features execs on hand included Jeff Zucker, Ron Meyer, David Linde, Marc Schmuger and Kathy Nelson.

Showtime threw a lively viewing party across the street from the Hilton at the Peninsula Hotel, where a ball room was turned into a living room setting, with large screen TV’s scattered around the room, and a selection of food and several bars.

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