GoBlackBiz.com, the Google for Black America

GoBlackBiz.comGoBlackBiz.com Will Give Black-Owned Businesses and Sales Professionals a Global Online Advertising Presence

Chicago, IL (RUSHPRNEWS) January 22, 2008- GoBlackBiz.com is poised to revolutionize the way people search for Black-owned businesses and how Black-owned businesses reach consumers. GoBlackBiz.com is the first fully-advertised website that combines a Google-like search engine of Black-owned businesses with a YouTube-like video component that allows those enterprises to broadcast online video commercials.

Reaching their target market, involving consumers with their brand, and achieving their market objectives are just a few of the many benefits of online advertising for Black-owned businesses. In a recent study by NY-based Simmons, a branch of Experian Research, “consumers are 47% more engaged with ads seen online than on [TV]”. GoBlackBiz.com will finally give Black-owned businesses around the globe, the ability to leverage this opportunity and grow their business.

GoBlackBiz.com is the answer to an ever increasing demand,” states James Parker, President/CEO of GoBlackBiz.com. “Over 70% of our email and phone inquiries are from people looking for Black-owned businesses.” African-Americans spend more than $700 Billion annually. They also constitute the largest minority group online–with more than 21 million users spending an average of five hours online per day–two hours longer than the general population. Add to that, the fact that there are more than 1.2 million Black-owned businesses in the country, GoBlackBiz.com members have the perfect opportunity to connect the two!

If consumers know how to use Google, then they will know how to use GoBlackBiz.com. Simply click on the “Search Business” tab and the rest is easy. The site offers Black-owned businesses a variety of advertising tools that include banner ads and video commercials to promote who they are and what they have to offer. The listing price begins at $75/year and the first 1000 businesses in each state to sign up and join GoBlackBiz.com receive a lifetime membership. Businesses can log on to GoBlackBiz.com and click “List Your Biz” to get started, or call toll free at 866-955-BLACK (2522).

In the last week of February, GoBlackBiz.com will launch a national consumers’ campaign to let everyone know where to find Black-owned businesses. GoBlackBiz.com expects to list and promote more than 50,000 Black-owned businesses for the “searching” pleasure of Black consumers by June 2008. And with talks in the works for Liberia and
Nigeria, GoBlackBiz.com stands to be the Global portal for all Black-owned businesses.

James Parker has been featured in NV Magazine Dec/Jan 08 issue, Chicago Defender, Chicago Sun-Times, BlackNews.com, Rolling Out News Paper, Fox Television News Chicago, and The Black Nouveau Television show in Milwaukee, WI to name a few.He is also the recipient of the prestigious Alpha Kappa Alpha Monarch Foundation Award for Outstanding Businessman of the Year 2007 for his work with GoBlackBiz.com and was selected to be in the Who’s Who in Black Chicago publication for his creation of GoBlackBiz.com

Sandra Tedford stedford@goblackbiz.com 
(866) 955-BLACK (2522)


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