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GMI announces enhancements to its online market research technology in the context of
the GMI X vision, taking online market research to a new level by delivering the right information from the right people at the right time

New York, NY (RPRN) 03/30/09GMI (Global Market Insite, Inc.), a leading provider to the global online research industry, today announced enhancements to its sampling and quality technologies in the context of the GMI X vision, a comprehensive set of technologies and business processes that, along with its global panel, delivers the right information from the right people at the right time.

GMIToday, GMI provides access to over 10 million unique respondents around the globe, with enhanced panel quality and data delivery tools to provide accurate, reliable data and maximum research ROI. “GMI X is more than a set of technologies. It is a comprehensive approach to market research where we evaluate the quality and reliability of the information at every step of a study,” explains Mike Brochu, GMI’s president and CEO. “From the initial conversation with our customers to the completion of a research project, we combine our technology and processes to make sure we deliver the right information from the right people at the right time.”

“There are no shortcuts when it comes to quality,” adds Luis Salazar, GMI’s chief marketing officer. “Today we are releasing multiple enhancements to our technology that will guarantee an even higher-quality information supply for our clients’ online market research.”

By combining existing technologies with GMI’s deep knowledge of sample construction and panelist behavior, GMI continues to develop new ways to enable clients to tap into 1.4 billion Internet users worldwide with engaging, relevant and interactive surveys, when they want, on the device of their choice, to capture the most authentic and actionable information possible.

“There are many proven technologies available in the marketplace to improve online market research,” continues Salazar. “These technologies allow us to offer better targeting and a more relevant experience for survey respondents. The focus needs to evolve beyond the discussion of proprietary panels versus social networks. It is not about the respondent source, but about the technologies used to guarantee the quality and reliability of the sample. It’s also about the ability to target the right people at the right time, so our clients can get the right information. In this context, our GMI X vision is to integrate best-of-breed online technologies with our deep knowledge of market research to get the best possible information for the client every time.”

Over the next quarter, GMI is launching a set of technologies that provide uniquely identified online respondents from around the globe by rigorously evaluating their authenticity – starting at registration and continuing throughout the study lifecycle. GMI looks at quality from panelist recruitment all the way to incentive redemption. It combines respondent self-declared information with observed online behavior through the panelist’s life to provide the highest-quality sample based on a more comprehensive view of each respondent. This delivers businesses the right respondents, so they can gather the right information at the right time, thereby helping them remain agile and competitive in today’s volatile marketplace.

The first step towards the GMI X vision is a series of enhanced panel quality initiatives. Key elements include:

• A higher quality bar for new panelists, including enhanced respondent source validation, fraud and location detection, and duplication prevention at panel registration level
• Expanded respondent profiling to drive quality of panelist, quality of customer insight and improved ability to reach specialized panelists
• Strengthened in-study quality controls to ensure unique and thoughtful responses, especially critical in studies with multiple sample sources
• Enhanced panel management with improved incentive redemption monitoring to better identify undesirable respondents and remove them from the panel

“GMI will continue to be the leading partner of choice for clients who want information they can depend on to manage their businesses through this critical economic time. The right information from the right people at the right time – that is the GMI X promise,” concludes Brochu.

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