George Allen, Recent Governor and Senator of VA Reflects Upon Tragedy

George AllenGeorge Allen the Recent Governor and Senator of Virginia Reflects on the Virginia Tech Tragedy

HERNDON, VA (rushprnews)April 17, 2007– George Allen, the
recent Governor and Senator of Virginia and the current Reagan Ranch
Presidential Scholar for Young America’s Foundation, issued the following
statement regarding the tragic shooting at Virginia Tech:
“As parents of a college student in Virginia, Susan and I ache for the
heart-broken families and friends who have lost loved ones at Virginia Tech
due to this heinous, despicable mayhem. Our prayers are with them. Their
sons, daughters, brothers and sisters were learning and improving their
young lives on the vibrant, close knit and beautiful campus.
“All of America is in grief for the families whose lives and dreams
were shattered.
“As many of us know, Virginia Tech is not just a school, it is close
and caring community. The students, alumni, and loyal supporters will be
drawn together in mourning but also praying for the recovery of their
classmates who suffered terrible injuries but have survived.
“Susan and I will join them and the rest of Virginia as we pray for the
lives we’ve lost and for the recovery of the students who survived this
senseless, terrible tragedy.”
In March, Governor Allen joined Young America’s Foundation as its
Reagan Ranch Presidential Scholar and also accepted a position on the
Reagan Ranch Board of Governors. With these positions, Governor Allen
becomes a regular addition to the Foundation’s campus lecture program. He
joins the ranks of Margaret Thatcher, Ed Meese, Ward Connerly, William F.
Buckley Jr., and Michael Reagan all of who have addressed Foundation
audiences. He will also represent the Foundation during events that
celebrate the life and lasting accomplishments of Ronald Reagan.
Interviews are available upon request
For more information contact Jason Mattera at (800) USA-1776 or (917) 754-3425
As the principal outreach organization of the Conservative Movement for
37 years, Young America’s Foundation introduces thousands of young people
to conservative ideas through national conferences, campus lectures and
activism programs, internships, and seminars at the Reagan Ranch Center.
Young America’s Foundation preserves the Reagan Ranch as a premier
presidential property and living tribute to Ronald Reagan’s life and ideas.

SOURCE Young America’s Foundation
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