From Australia to Heaven – This Week’s DVD Releases Are Smoking

By Diana Srougi, staff writer

MONTREAL (RushPRNews) 05/03/09- It’s yet another slow week for DVD releases, but there are a few interesting titles to discover, such as an Oscar nominated film, a romantic teen drama and a mystical Indian-Canadian success.

Australia: Reluctant Trust

Baz Luhrmann, Australian  director of “Romeo and Juliette”, and Academy Award nominee for Best Picture for his successful musical “Moulin Rouge” in 2002, gives us his latest film “Australia”. Starring Oscar winner Nicole Kidman and Golden Globe nominee Hugh Jackman (“The Prestige”, “Scoop”), this historical drama takes place in northern Australia at the beginning of World War II. An English aristocrat, Lady Sarah Ashley, inherits a vast ranch that English cattle barons plot to take over. To save her land, she enlists the help of a stock-man, with whom she drives her cattle across the country, leading them both into the heart of the war. “Australia” was nominated for Best Costume Design (for Catherine Martin) at this year’s Academy Awards, but “The Duchess” took the prize. However, Luhrmann’s film did win for Best Cinematography, Best Visual Effects and Best Art Direction at the Satellite Awards. It also screened at the 2008 Stockholm International Film Festival.

DVD release date: March 3rd 2009
Distributor: Twenieth Century Fox Film Corporation
Rating: 7.1/10

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Keith: There’s Something About Mysterious Boys

“Keith” is a romantic teen drama directed by Todd Kessler. He also wrote the screenplay along with David Zabel, who’s been writing scripts for television episodes for the past ten years, for such shows as “ER” and “Dark Angel”. Ron Carlson’s short story from his book “The Hotel Eden” is what inspired the conception of this screenplay starring Elisabeth Harnois (“Strangers with Candy”, “One Tree Hill”) and Jesse McCartney (“All My Children”, “Summerland”). The most popular girl in school is intrigued by the enigmatic boy who’s just walked into her life. While wanting to stay away from him, she can’t resist falling in love. This film aired at the Palm Beach International Film Festival last year, as well as the Copenhagen International Film Festival for Children and Youth.

DVD release date: March 3rd 2009
Distributor: Image Entertainment
Rating: 7.7/10

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Heaven on Earth: A Cinematic Love Potion

Controversial Indian-Canadian writer/director Deepa Mehta’s latest film is “Heaven on Earth”, a much-anticipated DVD release for her admirers. Mehta, winner of several prestigious film awards, is mostly known for her trilogy “Fire”, “Earth” and “Water”, in which she displays passionate and notorious love, the kind that’s immoral and unacceptable in her country. Denouncing the unjust objectification of women and exposing their wildest sexual fantasies led to her own persecution, yet she still continues to speak her mind with “Heaven on Earth”. A young Indian woman (Preity Zinta) arrives in Canada to marry a man (Vansh Bhardwaj) she has not yet met. His terrifying coldness leads to her unhappiness, until a friend offers her a magical love potion. Zinta’s performance in “Heaven on Earth” won her a Silver Hugo Award at the Chicago International Film Festival. Mehta’s film was also given a Muhr Award for Best Screenplay at the Dubai International Film Festival, and it participated in numerous other film events.

DVD release date: March 3rd 2009
Distributor: Métropole Films Distribution
Rating: 6.1/10

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