“Friendly Internal Rivalry Can Boost Business Productivity In The Recession” According To Punch Communications

LONDON (RPRN) 8/13/2009–Punch Communications, one of the UK’s leading PR Consultants, has indicated that businesses should use internal rivalry and competition as a way of pushing their boundaries and forcing themselves to progress through the downturn.

Punch has signaled that friendly rivalry amongst colleagues is a key aspect of maintaining productivity and morale in the workplace, and an important factor in the creation of an office culture unique to a company or team.

Punch has developed skills in emerging PR and marketing techniques, utilising new technologies such as social media and search engine optimisation and combining them with public relations to reap the greatest benefits for their clients. The agency itself has thrived on its success in these areas, with the Punch webpages ranking at number one on Google for both the business winning keywords “PR Agency” and “PR Company”.

Pete Goold, Managing Director of Punch, commented: “Our expertise in the practice of online PR has helped us grow from strength to strength over the past 6 months, with our ranking at number one for important keywords providing us with the exposure and traffic that is so vital for us to receive more enquiries and new business opportunities.”

“We’ve been using some smaller elements of internal rivalry as a way of further stimulating our team and pushing ourselves even further than we could individually. We have been successful in pushing ourselves further and further on a weekly basis, proving that a small thing such as competing against one another in friendly competition can produce great benefits for our agency, and therefore extending to all of our clients too.”

As Punch enters the second half of 2009, the agency is continuing to grow despite the recession, and will be offering PR jobs to experienced individuals in the coming weeks.

For more information on Punch, or to enquire about jobs in public relations, please call 01858 411 600, or visit punchcomms.com.

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