Forbes’ Hip-Hop Cash Kings Of 2009

By Thomas Freeman

NEW YORK (RPRN) 7/13/2009–The recession in America has effected everyone even hip-hop’s royalty according to Forbes Magazine, who recently released Hip-Hop’s Cash Kings of 2009. The names on the list were familiar but they amount of money they made in the last 12 months is dramatically different from the previous year’s list.

Jay-Z topped the list this year but he do so while bringing in less than half of the $82 million he made last year. This year, Jigga only needed $35 million to top the list that 50 Cent ruled last year. In 2008, fueled by his sale of Vitamin Water, 50 brought in $150 million, this year the Queens MC dropped to fourth place in a tie with Akon after bringing in $20 million dollars in the last year. In second place is Diddy who made $30 million followed by Kanye West who brought in $25 million.

In all the top 20 Cash Kings of Hip-Hop made $300 million this year which is down from the $500 million they made last year. 50 Cent’s Vitamin Water deal was responsible for 1/5 of last year’s total but not including down the Cash Kings still brought in $100 million less than last year. Blame it on the recession.

1. Jay-Z $35 million

2. P. Diddy $30 million

3. Kanye West $25 million

4. Akon $20 million

5. 50 Cent $20 million

6. Lil Wayne $18 million

7. Timbaland $17 million

8. Pharrell $16 million

9. T-Pain $15 million

10. Eminem $14 million

11. Dr. Dre $13 million

12. Snoop $11 million

13. Ludacris $10 million

14. Common $8 million

15. $8 million

16. Swizz Beatz $8 million

17. T.I. $8 million

18. Andre 3000 $7 million

19. Big Boi $7 million

20. Flo Rida $6 million

21. Rick Ross $6 million

22. The Game $6 million

23. Young Jeezy $6 million

Source: Yo! Raps Magazine

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