Football Coaches Reference Site launches new Playbook DVD Combo

Football Coaches Reference SiteNewark, NY (rushprnews) 02/21/2007 – Football Coaches Reference Site, today launched a new Football Playbook DVD Combo. This DVD Combo contains 1700+ Football Playbooks from all levels of Football.
  Jeff Teed, Owner, commented  “This product was created for all coaches looking to improve their knowledge of the game and take their team to the next level. “
Kenyatta Wright of the NY Jets adds, “This is an awesome site, I can’t wait to add the playbooks you have compiled to my collection. You will be my number one playbook reference in all my coaching endeavors. Thanks”
Established in Newark, NY in 2003, Football Coaches Reference Site provides quality information to football coaches of all ages and levels. There are over 1700 different playbooks, drills and tips available. Their Web site is at
For more information:
Jeff Teed
Phone: (315) 398-2403

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