Dallas, Texas (RUSHPRNEWS) 04/02/2008 – In their upcoming auction on April 5, Heritage Auction Galleries will present several uniquely personal collections from icons and legends of the entertainment industry including Stanley Kramer, George Barris, Buddy Ebsen, Nolan Miller, and the Beverly Hills (CENSORED!) Club Celebrity Roast Archive.

The Stanley Kramer Estate

One of the great filmmakers and humanitarians of the 20th Century, Stanley Kramer directed and produced socially charged films that moved generations. As Al Gore noted, Kramer “brought powerful social issues to the screen that touched our sense of moral responsibility,” winning an NAACP Vanguard Award and an Irving G. Thalberg in the process. His cinematic credits read like an Academy Award chronology; from the masterpiece Judgment at Nuremberg, to his provocative cultural examination Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner, to the hilarious It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World, cinema would never be the same after Stanley Kramer.
Among the fascinating items to be offered are:
Kramer’s Irving G. Thalberg Memorial Award
Signed scripts and documents
Personal gifts from Spencer Tracy and John Wayne
Kramer’s NAACP Vanguard Award

The George Barris Archive
The King of the Kustomizers for more than 50 years, George Barris has designed and customized countless vehicles for collectors, Hollywood productions, and celebrities. Perhaps his most legendary project was customizing James Dean’s infamous “Little Bastard,” the Porsche 550 Spyder in which Dean lost his life. In 1997 Barris was approached to recreate ‘Little Bastard’ for a TV movie. Working from a kit Spyder sports car fiberglass body mounted on a Volkswagen chassis, Barris built a perfect replica of Dean’s famous car, right down to the racing stripes and other markings he had installed on the original more than four decades previously.
This incredible recreation will be offered in Heritage’s upcoming auction, as well as a selection of his archive, accumulated over the course of his extraordinary career, including:
Barris signed “Mr. Heere’s T-Bird” Design Artwork
Fireball 500 Feature Film Race Car Design Artwork
Barris’ 1960 X-PAK 400 Concept Car Scrapbook
Beverly Hillbillies Feature Film Truck Design Model
XXX Feature Film Dashboard Component
Rare photos and documents

The Buddy Ebsen Estate
Buddy Ebsen’s career began as a that of vaudeville and Broadway song and dance man, and grew to include memorable roles in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Barnaby Jones, and, of course, The Beverly Hillbillies. The Buddy Ebsen Estate represents over 75 years of show business history, with something for fans of virtually every venue in the world of entertainment. It all resonates with the personality of a genial, dedicated, wondrously versatile professional, whose remarkable collection Heritage Galleries is genuinely proud to present.
Key pieces include:
Buddy Ebsen’s Personal Script for the First Episode of The Beverly Hillbillies and his original contract for the Beverly Hillbillies pilot
Hollywood costumes, including the tuxedo Buddy wore while dancing with Judy Garland in the “Yours and Mine” number in Broadway Melody of 1938.
Screen-worn costumes, including his Brooks Brothers suit worn in an episode of Barnaby Jones.
Buddy’s signed and annotated Barnaby Jones scripts, as well as scripts from many of his TV guest star spots.
Books, letters, awards, musical instruments, photographs…even the respirator he used after his near-fatal lung infection on The Wizard of Oz.

The Beverly Hills (CENSORED!) Club Celebrity Roast Archive
Founded in 1947 by comedian Milton Berle as a private show business club and best known for its infamous celebrity roasts, the CENSORED Club of Beverly Hills quickly became a bastion of talent that included Al Jolson, George Burns, Don Rickles, Bob Hope, Jack Benny, and the Rat Pack. No, Heritage Galleries cannot legally use the exact name of this world-famous show business club. Still, one might make an easy educated guess as to what it was. Its Los Angeles branch of the New York-based original chapter could be found, since 1961, at 9900 Little Santa Monica Boulevard in Beverly Hills, and the chapter’s fame was always rooted in its lewd, licentious, legendary roasts.
The widely varied treasures from this rich-in-tradition club include:
The pool table that the “Rat Pack” used to enjoy at the club.
Schafer & Sons baby grand piano played by celebrity guests at the club.
Original color sketches of members by artist Nicholas Volpe, including Frank Sinatra, Eddie Cantor and Ronald Reagan.
The original brass emblems that adorned the club’s exterior walls
An autograph archive from each Celebrity Roast
Original photos of the members at club events, formerly framed on the walls of the club
Archives on various roasts, containing everything from guest lists to speeches to the dais seating charts.

The Nolan Miller Collection
Nolan Miller’s dazzling creations are among the most glamorous of cinema and television. The list of women he designed for reads like a marquee: Sophia Loren, Barbara Stanwyck, Ann-Margaret, Lucille Ball, Joan Crawford, Bette Davis, and Elizabeth Taylor.
Heritage is pleased to be able to present an assortment from Nolan Miller’s collection, including:
Pieces for Dynasty worn by Elizabeth Taylor, Joan Collins, Linda Evans, and Diahann Carroll
A number of pieces for Elizabeth Taylor worn in Poker Alice, Malice in Wonderland, and North and South
Personal gowns for several Hollywood stars including Barbara Stanwyck, Jane Wyman, Lucille Ball, Sally Fields, Ann Miller, Connie Stevens, Ginger Rogers and Sophia Loren.

More information about this auction, along with enlargeable, full-color images of each lot and complete catalog descriptions, can be found at where bids can also be placed online. For additional information, or to consign material to a future auction, please contact Doug Norwine at 1-800-8782-6467, ext. 1452, or email

The Stanley Kramer Estate

Kramer’s Irving G. Thalberg Memorial Award*31455&type=prte040108a

Stanley Kramer Signed Scripts*31446&type=prte040108a

Personal Gift from Spencer Tracy*31453&type=prte040108a

Kramer’s NAACP Vanguard Award*31465&type=prte040108a

Stanley Kramer’s Anti-Defamation League Achievement Award*31460&type=prte040108a

The George Barris Archive

George Barris’ Replica of James Dean’s “Little Bastard” Used in Race with Destiny*31272&type=prte040108a

Fireball 500 Feature Film Race Car Design Artwork*31281&type=prte040108a

Barris Signed “Mr. Heere’s T-Bird” Design Artwork*31246&type=prte040108a

Barris’ 1960 X-PAK 400 Concept Car Scrapbook*31268&type=prte040108a

Beverly Hillbillies Feature Film Truck Design Model*31271&type=prte040108a

XXX Feature Film Dashboard Component*31280&type=prte040108a

The Buddy Ebsen Estate

Buddy Ebsen’s Personal Script for the First Episode of The Beverly Hillbillies*31115&type=prte040108a

Buddy Ebsen’s Screen-Worn Brooks Brothers Suit from Barnaby Jones*31198&type=prte040108a

Buddy Ebsen’s Screen-Worn “Sunday Best” Suit from The Beverly Hillbillies*31208&type=prte040108a

Buddy Ebsen’s Signed Barnaby Jones Premiere Show Script*31127&type=prte040108a

Buddy Ebsen’s Respirator Used After His Lung Infection on The Wizard of Oz*31224&type=prte040108a

The Beverly Hills (CENSORED!) Club Celebrity Roast Archive

The Pool Table the “Rat Pack” Enjoyed at the Club*31095&type=prte040108a

Schafer & Sons Baby Grand Piano Played by Celebrity Guests at the Club*31109&type=prte040108a

Original “Pal Joey” Frank Sinatra Portrait by Artist Nicholas Volpe from the Club*31086&type=prte040108a

Original Beverly Hills (CENSORED) Club Dias Spotlight*31099&type=prte040108a

Original Brass Emblems from the Club’s Exterior Walls*31089&type=prte040108a

The Nolan Miller Collection

Nolan Miller Gown for Elizabeth Taylor, Screen-Worn in North and South*31295&type=prte040108a

Nolan Miller Ensemble Created for Barbara Stanwyck, Worn at Academy Awards*31282&type=prte040108a

Nolan Miller Gown for Dynasty, Screen-Worn by Joan Collins*31299&type=prte040108a

Nolan Miller Gown Created for Sophia Loren*31287&type=prte040108a

Nolan Miller Gown Created for Elizabeth Taylor, Screen-Worn in the Film Poker Alice*31291&type=prte040108a

Heritage Auction Galleries will offer the archive in its upcoming Music and Entertainment Signature Auction, to be held on April 5, 2008, at the Heritage headquarters in Dallas, TX.

Prospective consignors and sellers of Entertainment, Celebrity or Hollywood Memorabilia are invited to and click on the “Sell Now” tab. Or simply email Doug Norwine at

To reserve your copy of any Heritage auction catalog, please contact Client Services at (800) 872-6467, extension 1150, or visit to order by email.

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