First “Notorious” Now “Tupac” To Hit Theaters in 2010

Tupac Screenplay To Hit Theaters In 2010

By Thomas Freeman

 -Tupac ShakurA screenplay written by the late Tupac Shakur might be coming to theatres soon. According to, a movie script called Live 2 Tell was written by Tupac Shakur while he was serving time in

Clinton Correctional Facility, a maximum-security state prison in upstate New York, on sexual assault charges in 1995.

The movie is about a young black man who becomes a powerful drug kingpin and struggles to leave the drug game behind. Insomnia Productions own the rights to the script and they have plans to release the movie sometime in 2010.

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Insomnia Productions recently bought the script from Afeni Shakur, who apparently has been holding on to it for the last 14 years. Tupac wrote the movie with himself in mind as the lead character and MTV is reporting that IMG is currently casting for the movie and are scheduled to start filming later this month.

Preston Holmes, the producer of Hustle & Flow will be producing the movie along with Afeni Shakur. There was no report on whether Tupac, who wrote hundreds of songs while in prison, wrote any other screenplay while incarcerated. There are also reports that a movie based on Tupac’s life is currently being shopped around to major movie companies. This is not a surprise after the success of the film Notorious, which included a character portraying Tupac.

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