First impressions Can be Detrimental to Candidate Success

London UK (RPRN) 17th April 2009– Recruitment search engine advises job seekers to police their unconscious behaviour during a job interview – in order to give them the best possible start in securing employment.

Unconscious behaviour can be extremely damaging to an individuals chance of impressing an employer – chewing fingernails, gazing around a room and bad posture presents an unkempt image and can be highly detrimental to success.

Candidates vying for marketing jobs should be wary that a sloppy appearance and disinterested attitude when discussing the position in question. An individual’s unconscious demeanour can be extremely telling and this is a classic thing employers consider during an interview – a negative manner would certainly damage chances at landing marketing jobs, even if they did not intend to project as such.

Employers recruiting for brand management jobs are encouraged by enthusiastic employees who demonstrate a willingness to learn and a passion for the work at hand.

Although it is common knowledge that an interview can be a make or break situation when it comes to securing positions, the unconscious flaws in appearance and attitude are deal breakers – scuffed shoes, untidy hair and grubby finger nails are tell tale signs of a lack of attention to detail – one of the most important skills an employer seeks.

Professionals looking for brand management jobs London are hunting in an increasingly competitive market; to fight this, advises that individuals use everything at their immediate disposal to ensure that they stand out from the crowd and shine throughout the interview.

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