“Family Guy” and World Wide Wadio Urge World to “Dance, Dance, Drop Your Pants”

 “Family Guy” and World Wide Wadio Urge World to “Dance, Dance, Drop Your Pants”

Cartoon characters from the hit TV series tap toes and doff trousers in a video waltzing its way across the web, and a Hollywood production company proves that viral ideas are sometimes born in five (silly) words.

Hollywood, CA (rushprnews) May 13, 2008 — It’s a contagiously silly comedy video. It’s a viral web promotion for a syndicated TV hit series. It’s a suggestion to drop your pants and dance – not necessarily in that order. “Dance, Dance, Drop Your Pants!” — now playing on video sites, TV station websites and fan blogs globally, was created by World Wide Wadio, Hollywood, for Twentieth Television, to promote the syndicated run of Seth MacFarlane’s hit comedy, Family Guy.
The video, a longer, uncensored version of the currently running national TV promo campaign (also created by World Wide Wadio,) can be seen on YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3szNSSyyIgc) at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3szNSSyyIgc.
It has this simple premise: “Peter, Stewie, Brian and the whole Griffin family — plus Quagmire and the rest of their friends — dance and get naked!”
To achieve this tantalizing montage, Wadio mined clips (dancing, pants-dropping clips, of course) from Family Guy and artfully edited them to an original piece of dance music, written by Wadio President Paul Fey.
The inspiration for this big idea? The show itself. Paul Fey says, “It struck me how often Family Guy does huge, musical production numbers – and how often the characters get naked.”
Fey went to a meeting at Twentieth Television with no written pitch. “I said to the client, ‘Five words: Dance, dance, drop your pants.’ They said, ‘That’s it!'” He adds, “Sometimes, a concept just sums up a show. This was one of those concepts.”
Helping to turn Fey’s idea and song to life were video and audio masters Steve Jacobson, Stewart Sloke and Laurent Jouvin of World Wide Wadio.
In Wadio’s Hollywood studios, creating the video created laughter. Fey says, “Producing the track was a blast, doing the cut was just ultra-fun, and we found ourselves cracking up the entire time.”
Web viewers are laughing along, by the thousands daily. Said three of the initial commenters on YouTube, “‘Naked has never been funnier.’ ‘ROFL and dancing!’ ‘If I were wearing pants, I would have dropped them.'”
‘Dance, Dance, Drop Your Pants’ is actually the second big campaign created by World Wide Wadio for Family Guy. The first, launched last year, was the ‘Freakin’ Sweet!’ campaign. That TV commercial can be seen on YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=On3IoVhf_GM) at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=On3IoVhf_GM.
Fey points to this new video as another major step by World Wide Wadio into longer form, breakthrough web content. “It’s fun to achieve this level of success in branded entertainment. And, for the moment, we owe it all to naked cartoon characters.”
About World Wide Wadio:

World Wide Wadio is an All-Star team of writers, directors, producers and sound designers — assembled from all over the world, and from all facets of the advertising, entertainment and Internet industries. The company specializes in radio advertising (http://www.wadio.com/work_radio.html), web content (http://www.wadio.com/work_web.html) and sound design (http://www.wadio.com/work_sound.html), created in a ‘state-of-the-universe’ production facility in Hollywood.
See the new World Wide Wadio website: http://www.wadio.com.
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