Fake Fight! Lil Dee Denies Lil Wayne Fight

LOS ANGELES (RUSHPRNEWS) July 16, 2008 – As previously reported by Yo!Raps, and virtually every other urban media outlet, Lil Wayne was allegedly involved in a mysterious fight with fellow N.O. rapper Lil Dee. Reports were circulating that both MCs were arrested and that Wayne was charged for having two unregistered hand guns. Lil Wayne’s camp was mum on the details and now Lil Dee has come forward saying that that was because the incident never happened.
In a recent YouTube video Lil Dee says, “I’m letting you know, it’s just a rumor. It’s false!”

“I never met Wayne a day in my life,” Dee continued.

Dee went on to explain how rumors like this are usually milked for publicity but he doesn’t want to get on that way.

“If I was any of these artists though, I would have took that rumor and ran with it,” said Dee. “I don’t want no publicity off nobody else – especially if it’s negative. Wanye is paving the road for artists like me, coming straight outta New Orleans, you know what I’m saying.”

At press time, there was still no comment from Wayne on the issue.

newsource Yo! Raps

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