Exclusive:Trent Reznor Teams Up with PETA to Fight Against Animal Cruelty

By Mary Montserrat-Howlett

NORFOLK,VA.(RUSHPRNEWS)10/02/2008– When lead singer from industrial rock band, Nine Inch Nails, Trent Reznor, heard about the millions of cats and dogs being tortured and killed for the sale of fur in China, he teamed up with leading animal rights organization, PETA, to help fight against cruelty to animals. “If you buy or wear fur you must share the blame for what happens to these cats and dogs,” said Reznor on YouTube.

As told to RushPRNews by a PETA’s rep, animals are often mislabeled as other animals and sold to the fur industry all over the world. Reznor recently narrated an exposé for PETA to spread the word about what happens to these animals before they’re made into clothing and accessories and it has been an eye-opening experience for many.

Dog With Paw Mangled in TrapWith the release of the bands’ new album Year Zero, Reznor and NIN are in yet another collaborative project with PETA. The band has signed five, limited-edition “digipaks” to PETA2 (targeted towards teens and young adults). An opportunity for fans to get involved, each “digipak” is numbered and includes a DVD of rehearsal footage of Trent and the boys performing tracks from their new album, an exclusive sticker pack, a 24-page booklet, and the CD, of course.

“We thought it could be a good opportunity to reach out to younger generations and get them implicated in our cause,” told PETA’s Dan Shannon (who runs PETA’s Youth Outreach division) to RushPRNews.  “Kids have an affinity to animals, so their involvement is really important to us.”

With only 250,000 of these digipaks in existence, this is certainly a tempting offer for any NIN fan, and best of all it’s for a good cause.

“Our organization is in constant communication with Trent and the band. Trent has been a huge supporter of PETA and he’s been an important contributor to our cause.”

Fans have until October 10 to complete the form which can be found on the peta2 website.  Contest winners will be notified of their winnings on October 14.

About the author: Montreal-based Mary Montserrrat-Howlett is a regular contributor to RushPRNews. Her writing career took off two years ago, with articles predominantly dealing with minority rights in the workplace. She has a vested interest in social issues and in her spare time, enjoys to work on a series of short stories and scripts. You may write her at MaryMH@rushprnews.com

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