Entertainers to Reach Millions of Fans By Mobile

New iCards for entertainers’ places a cash register in the palm of everyone’s hand at iCardEntertainment.com.

PHOENIX,AZ (RUSHPRNEWS)August 25, 2008 — ICI Enterprises, LLC (http://www.icardme.com/), has introduced its latest iCard, iCardEntertainment.com (http://www.icardentertainment.com/), so entertainers – such as musicians, comedians and other live performers – can now reach millions of mobile customers and fans every day on their phone with Internet access.

 The iCards are designed for fans to easily read, navigate, purchase and listen to music from mobile devices. Imagine being at a concert and hearing an awesome warm-up act and wanting to learn more about them at their web site either during or immediately after the show. Phones with Internet capabilities, such as the iPhone, has made that a possibility, but web sites are still designed for computers, not phones.

So the formatting is often off and is difficult to navigate through. That’s why ICI – who has quickly become a leader in mobile phone technology with the introduction of MobiWeb (http://www.mobiweb.mobi/) – has created an application that allows entertainers to offer all those services and more and the introduction of www.iCardEntertainment.com may revolutionize the entertainment industry. Think how useful it would be to read about your favorite artist or listen to a song during intermission, rate the performance or even purchase a song.

Bands/musicians can load their music on these Interactive formats for fans to listen to, purchase, and gather survey information. A survey panel gathers ratings on just about anything that the artist wants rated: music, performance, pricing, seating, etc., and pull down panels display info about the artist, photos, location/maps, ticket information, electronic coupons and will soon offer video and ticket sales. The iCards can be accessed from personal computer or cell phones, stored under favorites and emailed to friends to share.

Sandy Kosloff, started developing iCards in 2002 and has several patents pending for the product.
“iCards (http://www.icardentertainment.com/) are a classy and inexpensive way for up and coming entertainers to quickly and easily reach the world with their music,” says Kosloff. “They’re a great profit center for entertainers. They can sell their music and participate in a revenue share because the bottom of each iCard allows for sponsorship ads.”

Since each iCard has its own URL – i.e., iCardEntertainment.com/yourname – there is an enormous opportunity for entertainers to promote themselves on television, radio, billboards, print etc. by simply telling their fans and audience to stay in touch, visit their iCard.

ICI is making headway in the mobile industry with recently launched MobiWeb (http://www.mobiweb.mobi/), a site built with a free service to allow businesses to go on-line and make their existing web site mobile friendly.

ICI is asking all Web site owners to take the Mobi challenge. Visit their web site from a mobile phone and see if they like it. Chances are it’s hard to read. Then visit www.MobiWeb.mobi from the same phone. Chances are Mobi is better – perhaps a lot better – and if so, you can order it for free.
“Most sites have just too much information for someone to read and navigate from a mobile device. People do not want to read a book from their cell, they just want to easily access specific information and get connected,” Kosloff says.

And those services are available for free.

Kosloff says: “Why is it free? We believe customers will love our product and will consider upgrading (http://www.icardme.com/Hitech/) and listing their company in our business directory. Our goal is to be the best mobile search company in the world. One customer at a time.”

About ICI Enterprises, LLC

ICI Enterprises, LLC has been working since 2002 to improve how Web sites look on phones. For more information, visit www.iCardEntertainment.com or call 602-820-1300.

Contact Information
Sandy Kosloff
ICI Enterprises, LLC

Phoenix, Arizona


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