Eminem Voted Best Rapper Alive In Vibe Poll

By Erin T. McMillon

LOS ANGELES(RUSHPRNEWS)10/09/2008--As previously reported by Yo! Raps, Vibe hosted a contest to sort out who the best rapper alive is, once and for all. Well, the votes have been tabulated and the fans have chosen Eminem as their pic for the number one spot.

Although the rapper has not released a full studio album since 2004’s Encore, his fans have proven to be unshakably hard core in their loyalty.

The magazine broke the tournament down into elements of style with a Notorious BIG bracket, a 2Pac bracket, a Pimp C bracket, and a Big Punisher bracket.

Voting was held from July 21 to August 4. Game, Ludacris, Jay-Z, and Eminem (who had beaten Nas by a very slim margin) made it as the four finalists.

Jay quickly took out Luda and Game and the two hip-hop big shots were left going head to head.

Em emerged the winner retaining 61% of all votes casted.

“It’s obviously an honor to have won the fans’ support by being voted the Best Rapper Alive,” Em said on Vibe.com. “I don’t think that there is any one rapper that is simply the best though. Everyone who was in consideration and many others are the best at certain things, and at what they do. But since Vibe’s offering the distinction, hell yeah I’ll accept.”

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