Earth Going Live with Global Warming Mega-concert July 7

Chill Global WarmingsMore acts added for Al Gore’s seven-continent Magilla for two billion viewers
By Jeffrey Jolson

HOLLYWOOD, CA (rushprnews) 2/16/07 – Acts are multiplying like CO2 emissions for Al Gore’s worldwide global warming SuperConcert on July 7, 2007.

More than 100 acts from superstars to regional hitmakers will join a seven continent roster that has already grown to include Sheryl Crow, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Melissa Etheridge, Korn, Duran Duran, Foo Fighters, Sneep Dogg, Lenny Kravitz, Melissa Etheridge, Mana, John Mayer, Pharrell, the Black Eyed Peas, Akon, Enrique Iglesias, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw.
“We have to get the message of urgency and hope out,” said Gore at a Los Angeles press conference, flanked by Cameron Diaz rapper Pharrell Williams and producer Kevin Wall.
Kevin Wall, executive producer for Live Aid and its more recent incarnation Live8, will be putting the shows together. He said he got the idea of Live Earth after seeing “An Inconvenient Truth” last year.
“We are moving from what Al has done for thousands and the movie for millions, we will put together 2 billion sets of eyeballs on a global basis,” Wall said at a news conference.
Wall said each concert will last from four to eight hours and at any given time in the 24-hour period two or three shows will be running simultaneously.
Gore has said he will not run for president again, though there is a movement to draft him in the wake of his new-found relevancy and even hipness factor. After presenting on the recent Grammy Awards, he will be seen by a billion viewers on next Sunday’s Academy Awards where his “An Inconvenient Truth” film is the frontrunner to win the Best Documentary Oscar and for best song, the latter nod coming for Melissa Etheridge’s “I Need to Wake Up.”

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