Earth And Space Adventures Capture Google Zeitgeist This Week

Google Search barEarth And Space Adventures Capture Google Zeitgeist This Week

Google Announces Top 10 Gainers for the Week Ending April 28th

Mountain View, CA (rushprnews) May 4th, 2007 -The week contained multitudes for people who searched for information on Google. April 22 was [earth day], and the growing interest in all things green led to countless events and activities for those who love the planet.

Speaking of planets, a team of European astronomers announced that they found an Earth-like [new planet] relatively close to ours, unevocatively named Gliese 581C. Other atmospheric news this week: Lt. Cdr. Kevin Davis of the [blue angels] died in a crash during an April 21 air show in Beaufort, S.C., and a new low-cost airline startup called [skybus] announced promotional fares of $10 a flight when it launches next month from Columbus, Oh.

Other doings this week included the release of [pokemon diamond], which in the first five days sold more than one million units (as did its cousing Pokemon Pearl), and the now-booming desert music festival [coachella], drawing a daily crowd of 60,000 fans this weekend who are braving the heat near Indio, Calif. And headlines blared the story of [mike penner], a 23-year veteran of sportswriting for the Los Angeles Times, who announced in a column that he is transsexual, and after a leave, will return to his beat as Christine. And in Iraq-related news, former soldier [jessica lynch] testified this week before Congress that her well-known heroic saga in 2003 was a press fabrication; she credited Sgt. Donald Walters, who died in the ambush, as being the real hero.

Finally, celebutainment sources were all over [katie price], who with husband Peter Andre stars in a new E! “reality” series. The blonde model seems to be a magnet for headlines about her exploits, their kids, and Peter’s recent bout of meningitis. None of which our mom would condone – so don’t forget, [mother’s day] is May 13.

For breaking news and obscure information alike, people around the world search on Google. What follows is a summary of Google Zeitgeist results for the top gainers on, when comparing search queries that have risen by a significant percentage for the week of April 21-28, 2007.

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