Dog Book Author Has His Day

Dog book author has his day:
Dr. Paul Greenbaum’s Dobie the Canine Saint Named Award-Winning Finalist in National Book Awards Program 

NEW YORK(RushPR News)  May 13, 2008 – Dobie The Canine Saint by Dr. Paul Greenbaum has been named an award-winning finalist in the animal/pet category of the National Indie Excellence 2008 Awards.  An annual awards program celebrating excellence in independent publishing, the National Indie Excellence Awards are sponsored by PubInsider magazine. 

It’s been said that a dog is a man’s best friend, and Greenbaum couldn’t agree more. But for Greenbaum, a recognized chiropractor and acupuncturist with The Center for Natural Healing, dogs are so much more than best friends; they’re often the best teachers.  Consider the case of Dobie. 

It was 1985 when Greenbaum first crossed paths with an emaciated female Doberman puppy. Still reeling from the loss of Big Pal, his beloved canine companion of twelve years, Greenbaum admits that he was neither open nor thrilled about the prospect of taking on a new pet, but he begrudgingly agreed. Little did he know that this wounded animal – though wholly unexpected and, at least initially, not entirely welcome – would lead him on one of the greatest journeys of his life:  the journey to healing. 

To share their story, Greenbaum has authored Dobie The Canine Saint: A Spiritual Love Story. Dobie The Canine Saint chronicles Greenbaum’s 14 years with Dobie and explains how this wounded animal led him to discover what life is truly about.   

Greenbaum, who maintains that Dobie gave him far more than he ever provided her, dedicates the book to Dobie and to “the mystery that brings together all who must meet.”  

Part tribute, part love letter, and part celebration of Dobie’s life, Dobie The Canine Saint is a moving and miraculous tale about unconditional love, discovery, hope, healing, and the deep and often mysterious bond that exists between humans and animals. 

Dr. Paul Greenbaum is an acupuncturist and chiropractor who specializes in difficult cases that have not been helped by traditional therapies. He lives in Portland, Oregon. Dobie The Canine Saint is his first book. Dobie The Canine Saint will be available where better books are sold on June 1, 2008.

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