Discovery of Three Hung Dogs Sparks Protests in Quebec

By Andrea Archibald, staff writer

Animal rights activists say in a statement: “Animaquebec who is mandated to oversee these pounds has again greatly failed the animals of Quebec.”

Saint-Lin, Qc. (RPRN) 6/18/2009–A silent vigil is planned for three dogs, named post-mortem Phoenix, Wodin, and Zeus, discovered hanging from trees in a forest near the Quebec municipal pound Inspecteur Canin in Saint-Lin. Local animal rights activists plan to peacefully gather in front Inspecteur Canin On Saturday, June 20th 2009, at 1:00 P.M. The dogs appeared to have been beaten prior to the hanging and were covered in plastic. The scene was discovered days after the group’s May 23rd 2009 demonstration. The perpetrator of the killings remains unknown. Nonetheless, the group said in a statement that they “thought it appropriate to remember these victims of cruelty at our demo.”

The peaceful demonstration is the third in a series of protests against the inhumane treatment of animals there, including the Inspecteur Canin’s use of gas chambers to euthanize dogs.

As reported by RPRN last month, witnesses and former employees have recounted to the animal rights group, including activist Nicole Joncas, the municipal pound’s cruel practice of herding dozens of dogs into a chamber, without sedation and conscious, and turning on the gas. The bodies are then kept in a refrigeration container until they are incinerated the following day. Some of the animals, they say, had survived both the gassing and the refrigeration before they are incinerated.

As part of Saturday’s demonstration, local activist Louise Auger will be raising funds for the legal fees incurred fighting a SLAPP lawsuit brought on by Inspecteur Canin. As she is currently under a court mandated gag order, she has been unable to speak to RPRN, who has been following the story from the beginning. Augier is scheduled to appear in front of the Justice de Joliette on July 21st 2009.

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