Differentiate Your Business In a Meaningful Way with Steve Yastrow

Want to differentiate your business in a meaningful way? Expert explains how in forthcoming book
“When Steve Yastrow writes, I pay close attention…We is a superb book”—Tom Peters 
New York, NY (rushprnews) November 30, 2007– Customers today have more product and service choices available than ever before. So what motivates a customer to choose your product or service instead of a competitor’s?  It’s not necessarily the product or service, says leading expert Steve Yastrow.  According Yastrow, “In today’s world, it is extraordinarily difficult for customers to distinguish your business solely on the merit of your product or service alone. 

What can differentiate your business in the minds of customers is the relationship the customer has with you.  A competitor may sell a similar product or provide a similar service, but the relationship you have with each customer is unique. Building strong customer relationships is the best competitive strategy.”  To provide a guide to help businesses differentiate themselves in a meaningful way, Yastrow has authored We:  The Ideal Customer Relationship. We (SelectBooks, ISBN: 978-1-59079-121-9, $21.95) explains the fundamentals of how businesses can – and should — build strong relationships.  Centered on Yastrow’s theory that today’s world demands a “we” approach – where customers think of their relationship with a business as “we” as opposed to “us and them” – We explains how businesses of all types and sizes can create better results through better customer relationships. In We, Yastrow explains how businesses can transform their customer relationships into ‘we’ relationships, where the customer views the business not as a vendor or provider, but as a collaborator.  Based on research, interviews, and real-world experience, We explains how businesses can learn to:

  • Create relationship-building encounters, instead of relationship-eroding transactions
  • Connect multiple customer encounters into an ongoing conversation that creates a strong We relationship
  • Rethink how they think about customers…and reshape how customers think about them

Part manifesto, part how-to guide, We is a clever, insightful, and thought-provoking guide that explains how businesses can achieve dynamic new levels of success.  

Kenzi Sugihara, Publisher at SelectBooks, commented, “In We, Steve Yastrow turns conventional sales and marketing on its head by showing what really motivates customers – and what businesses can do about it.  Full of fresh, original and much-needed insights, We provides a cutting-edge look at how and why businesses need to take a new approach to customer relationships.” 

Steve Yastrow is one of the country’s leading authorities on marketing and branding.  The author of Brand Harmony, Yastrow lives in
Deerfield, Illinois. SelectBooks (www.selectbooks.com) is an independent publisher headquartered in
New York. We: The Ideal Customer Relationship will be available through online retailers and in better bookstores nationwide in  January, 2008.  Members of the news media wishing to request an advance review copy of interview with Steve Yastrow are asked to contact Maryglenn McCombs by phone – (615) 297-9875, or by email – maryglenn@maryglenn.com

Contact: Maryglenn McCombsPhone:  (615) 297-9875Email:   maryglenn@maryglenn.com  


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