DiCaprio Steps Into The Twilight Zone

Leonardo DiCaprioLOS ANGELES (RUSHPRNEWS) JULY 25, 2008–Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio is considering bringing The Twilight Zone back to cinemas, according to reports.  The star’s production company, Appian Way, is said to be looking for material to create a big screen version of an episode from the classic TV series.

The programme was made into a self-titled movie in 1983 – but executives at DiCaprio’s firm are reportedly planning to treat cinema-goers to an updated version of the cult sci-fi show.

The Twilight Zone TV series has been remade several times since its 1958 on-air debut, with the most recent outing being a low budget 2002 series by U.S. TV network Upn which featured narration by Oscar-winner Forest Whitaker.


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