Deborah Smith Ford, Actor and Award-Winning Tribute Artist Signs with RushPRnews

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Deborah Smith Ford, Actor and Award-Winning Tribute Artist Signs with RushPRnews

Anne Laszlo Howard, Publicist and writer says “she is thrilled to be working with a true original”

Los Angeles, LA (rushprnews) 01/26/2007 – Accomplished actor and tribute artist Deborah Smith Ford hired a top-notch publicist without another minute to waste for her media campaign to begin immediately. Ford chose RushPRnews, a publicity boutique with Anne Laszlo Howard, the renowned writer and publicist to manage the national campaign.

Ford with three upcoming acting roles, a 2006 Cloney Award, numerous 2007 REEL Award Nominations, and public appearances, stated at her press conference, “2006 was a great year for me and suddenly I had too much to handle on my own. I was missing out on opportunities for lack of proper representation,” and,” Anne is a pro with many years of relevant experience who understands my particularities.”

Anne Howard’s decision to work with Ford was based on the multi-facet aspect of her career and her enthusiasm for her profession, “I am very intrigued by Deborah,” explained Howard,” on one hand, she is this amazing Award-winning lookalike and on the other, she is a much-in-demand character actor .”

Besides being a consummate actor, Ford is an award-winning tribute artist. As such, she portrays Trinity from “The Matrix”, Sabrina from “Charlie’s Angels”, Mary Katherine Gallagher from “Saturday Night Live”, Lilith from “Cheers”, Audrey Hepburn and the Witch Jadis from the “The Chronicles of Narnia”. Ford is also known as Farmer Deb in the very successful national Citracal osteoporosis campaign, which earned her multiple 2007 REEL Award nominations.

2007 already looks to be her busiest year ever. Ford has been signed on for three movie productions including the film adaptation of A.B. Keller’s,” Vortex of Revelation”, being shot in Ohio, California and Rome, Italy.

Ford was recently elected president of Southwest Florida’s United Film and Television Artists, an organization that brings together diverse members of the entertainment industry to further their career goals.

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