Day After Debate Reviews: “Why Obama Won”


CHICAGO,IL(RUSHPRNEWS)09/27/2008-This morning brought a new round of local and national reviews of last night’s debate.  Obama’s camp clearly came out the winner of this first presidential debate.  An early October debate has been schedule between Biden and Palin, giving the VPs a chance to battle it out.

Iowa Sioux City Journal – “Why Obama won”

Obama’s primary task was to show Americans he has the intelligence and mastery of issues that would trump his alleged inexperience. Tonight, he did so convincingly. Obama presented the sort of policy details his critics have long accused him of lacking. Whereas McCain’s legendary testiness leaked through, Obama remained calm and cool and seemed more presidential.
Wisconsin Milwaukee Journal Sentinel – “Clear Differences”

From our view, edge to Obama.
The Arizona Republic – “Economy hot topic in close first debate”

But Obama held his own and at one point hammered McCain hard on the start of the Iraq war, hoping to inflict damage to McCain’s foreign-policy reputation.

Pennsylvania – McClatchy, Centre Daily Times – “McCain misstates some facts in debate on foreign policy”

McCain made the most notable misstatements and stumbled over the names of the leaders of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, whose name he couldn’t pronounce, and of Pakistan, referring to the latter as “Qadari” instead of Asif Ali Zardari. McCain incorrectly asserted that former Gen. Pervez Musharraf rescued Pakistan from being a “failed state” when he seized power in a 1999 coup.
Maine Portland Press Herald – “Obama much more clear about his ideas”

For Anna Halloran, 18, a musical theater major who is a registered unenrolled voter, U.S. Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois was the clear winner over U.S. Sen. John McCain of Arizona. “He was much more well-spoken than McCain and he was much more clear about his ideas,” Halloran said. “There were all these deer-in-the-headlights moments for McCain.”

CNN Political Ticker – “Fact Check: Does McCain almost always agree with Bush?” Verdict: True

TIME – “Obama Wins Debate On Tactics and Strategies”

Toward the very end of tonight’s debate-which was quite a good one, I believe-John McCain laid out his rationale in this election in just a few words: Senator Obama, he said, lacks the “knowledge and experience to be President.” The presidency will turn on whether the American people agree with McCain on that-but on this night, Obama emerged as a candidate who was at least as knowledgeable, judicious and unflappable as McCain on foreign policy … and more knowledgeable, and better suited to deal with the economic crisis and domestic problems the country faces.

Washington Post – “McCain’s High Horse Meets Obama’s High-Mindedness”

John McCain wore the more presidential tie — that much can be said for him — but Barack Obama displayed the more presidential temperament, or the kind of demeanor people presumably would want in a president…neither made an outrageous blunder, although McCain did misidentify the new president of Pakistan. More critically, he came across as condescending and even rude to his opponent…

Boston Globe – “Good night for McCain, better one for Obama”

John McCain last night tried hard to make the first presidential debate a test of Barack Obama’s fitness for office. McCain succeeded in his framing of the test – but Obama passed it…But with the majority of the debate focused on foreign policy – where McCain’s superiority was assumed, and Obama’s vulnerability was greatest – the lack of a clear winner benefits Obama more than McCain… Obama had more to gain, and he did.

New York Times – “Obama dominated the economic portion of the debate”
Mr. Obama dominated the economic portion of the debate, arguing that the Wall Street disaster was the fault of the Bush administration’s anti-regulation, pro-corporate culture. He called for a major overhaul of the financial regulatory system. Mr. McCain stuck to his talking points, railing against greed and corruption. He showed little sign that he understood the fundamental failures in government illuminated by the market crisis…He clung to his argument that cutting Congressional earmarks – which amount to about $18 billion a year – and reducing waste and abuse would solve most of the country’s economic problems and allow him to continue President Bush’s catastrophic tax cuts.

Boston Globe – “Obama showed a grander vision”
Obama was assured and a bit cerebral, showing a command of policy but also reaching for a grander vision of an America that could be admired and respected again in the world.

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