“Dancing with the Stars” Ousts Sexy Julianne & Linley, Lance Bass, Sapp Still Stepping

By Stacey Silberman

HOLLYWOOD,CA(RushPRnews/Hollywood Today)11/20/08 – Cody Linley has the distinction of being the tenth celebrity to be eliminated from “Dancing with the Stars” Tuesday, Nov. 18, along with adorably sexy pro dancer and country singer Julianne Hough, who returned this week to the show after braving an emergency surgical procedure. At least she had her last dance with protégé and “Hannah Montana” star Cody.

Linley and Hough gave it their best as they performed a dynamic, young, and interesting take on the Paso Doble. However, neither the judges nor the fans saw it that way. The judges were harsh and critical after the dance and their scorecard reflected the worst leaving them at the bottom of the leader board. The judges’ main complaint was that it was not close enough technically to the real Paso.

“I’m afraid you’re gonna get your marching orders I think, because it was not… it was not good I’m sorry,” Goodman told Linley. “I saw two elements of Paso Doble. It was stiff, it was wooden, it just lacked dance quality for me.”

“It’s so hard because for your determination it was definitely a 10,” Inaba told Linley. “I can tell that every move you make is very difficult for you and I see the tension. But that’s the problem at this point… I do think you did a really good job, but you gotta watch the hands, you got one more dance to come back out here, smooth it out.”

“Well that was different. It was the ‘AWOL android’ and the ‘Queen of Mean.’ and I’m gonna do the Paso Doble,” Tonioli said. “I’m all for innovation, I like different things and I like inspired performances, but there has to be some sense of style in the dance. The Spanish [style] was non-existent and the timing was poor. One of you [couples], you have to make it to the finals, and this is not good enough.”

“Oh my gosh, I mean words can’t even explain the true amazing, growing, learning journey that I’ve had on this show. I can’t show my appreciation any more to Julianne… I can’t say thank you, it’s just, I love her so much and this opportunity has been so amazing,” Linley said after “Dancing” host Tom Bergeron revealed that Linley was leaving the show last night.

“I’m so proud of you, I’ve had such an amazing time with you,” Hough told Linley before the couple had their last dance on the show. “This has probably been the biggest journey that any of the couples have had out here and I cannot wait to see what his opportunities are going to be after this show. He’s gonna make it so far.”

This leaves the three remaining couples to dance it out next week. Hopefully, nobody will get injured in the process. Some people believe that there was a bit of a curse this season after several injuries plagued both dancers and celebrities over the last few months.

The celebs and their partners will have to bring it on…giving it everything they’ve got left if they want to win the famed mirror ball trophy. During past seasons, the odds have always been higher for male celebrities and even more so for former football players like Jerry Rice who beat hot hot dancer Mario Lopez.

The former NFL star and sports commentator Sapp played a starring role in the winning game for Tampa Bay against the Oakland Raiders during Superbowl XXVII. His beautiful and talented pro partner Kym Johnson has managed to lead him into the finals based on Sapp’s sweet charm, embracing smile, and the uncanny ability to entertain the audience. He really shouldn’t be in the finals based on his ability to dance. But that’s show business! And it doesn’t hurt that Kym is a real pleasure to watch too.

Former N’Sync singer and dancer Lance Bass is in top form these days, along with his fabulously talented and beautiful pro partner Lacey Schwimmer. The dance choreography from this couple has been instrumental in their success in reaching the finals. Plus, Lance has come such a far way with his determination and charisma. They are so much fun to watch. They rock!

Brooke Burke, mother of four and former host of “Rock Star,” have been in the top spot throughout the season. However, it seems like Brooke was a little fatigued dancing the Jive last night. It looked as though she couldn’t keep her little legs moving at that speed. But their second Salsa dance made up for their shortcomings on the Jive. Nobody’s perfect, but these are the dances that count the most. The finals are here and Burked must stay in the game if she wants to beat the male contestants. One thing’s for sure, and that is that Burke always looks gorgeous, especially after having just had a baby not too long ago. No wonder she’s tired!

If the winners on this show were based solely on dance, Hollywood Today would put its bet on Bass to win, because Schwimmer and Bass are at the top of their game. They’ve stepped it up big time. Bass flew in his grand-daddy and dad from Mississippi for last night’s show. They looked super proud after last night’s performance.

All of the dancers should be proud for all that they’ve accomplished. That dancing business is hard work.

Bass and Schwimmer took the top spot Monday night with a total score of 57 out of 60 after two dances. Burke and Hough and Sapp and Johnson tied for second place scoring 49 out of 60 after their combined dance scores. Linley and Hough scored a 46.

“Dancing’s” seventh season has two episodes to go. One on Monday, November 24 at 8pm ET/PT. The season finale airs the following Tuesday night at 9pm.

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