Cruise ‘s Hitler Film Sabotage Rumour Continues

ValkyrieMore Twists in Hitler Plot: Sabotage Denied on Jinxed Tom Cruise Set
Climatic scene needs to be re-shot but filmmakers deny sabotage in latest setback

By Chantal Waldholz for Hollywood Today

HOLLYWOOD, CA (RUSHPRNEWS) October 6, 2007 — It seems as if Tom Cruise’s new movie, “Valkyrie,” didn’t have bad luck, it would have none at all. Following an accidental death and various bans from the German government, comes rumors that the film shot on location in Berlin had been sabotaged and crucial Cruise scenes would have to be re-shot.

While they will have to re-shoot “lost footage” producers of the WWII film about a plot to assassinate Hitler have denied rumors of key Cruise scenes being purposely stolen or destroyed.

“I categorically deny this. It is a technical problem, as one often sees in the film world,” Carolin Bitzer from Limelight, the public relations company for the filming of “Valkyrie,” told AFP.

Prior to starting the film, Germany opposed Cruise shooting the part because of his involvement with the Church of Scientology. At first, he himself was banned from filming in Germany. Then the film was banned from shooting at the Bendlerblock site on historical grounds. However, authorities came to an agreement with filmmakers after they agreed to show how Germany rose above Hitler’s evil strategies to become a democratic country.

Other problems include a stuntman death that has turned into a multi-million dollar lawsuit.

The only problem production seems to face is to re-shoot scenes from the Bendlerblock in Berlin due to parts of the film being damaged during development.

In this particular scene, Nazi resistance hero Claus Schenk von Stauffenberg, played by Cruise, is executed for a failed plot to kill Adolf Hitler in 1944.


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