Intridea Announces CrowdSound On-Demand Social Feedback Solution In Multiple Languages

Washington, D.C (RushPRnews)10/21/08-CrowdSound Fall 2008 Release Enriches Enterprise Customer Suggestion Gathering and Management, Removes Cost Barriers to Web 2.0-Enabled Customer Feedback. Intridea, Inc., the agile enterprise Web 2.0 company, today announced the Fall 2008 release of CrowdSound. This on-demand social feedback tool allows enterprises, social networking sites and other companies to gather, organize and respond to suggestions from their customers and employees — for just $10 per month. Because CrowdSound requires only minimal Web developer knowledge to implement, businesses of all sizes can quickly realize the power of interactive, Web-based customer feedback.

The Fall 2008 Release of CrowdSound follows the Summer 2008 general release, and features several new enhancements, including:

— Internationalization of the CrowdSound tool
— A Pop-up Version of the CrowdSound tool
— User interface improvements on the management tool based on user experience feedback
— Hosted site branding and user interface improvements
— Custom branding for enterprises
— Custom enterprise integration
— On-premise/cloud hosting options

The customer-facing sections of the CrowdSound tool are now available in twelve different languages — Dutch, English, Brazilian & European Portuguese, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Russian, Japanese and Traditional & Simplified Chinese — with on-the-fly language switching within a single account. Along with the many user interface improvements for managing suggestions, multiple language support makes the CrowdSound tool a perfect solution for international websites and multilingual companies.

The much-requested popup version of the CrowdSound tool allows for unobtrusive integration of the CrowdSound widget into websites — the widget pops up whenever a user clicks on a feedback-activated link or image, with complete control in the hands of the website’s designer. CrowdSound also offers an always-visible version of the widget and a hosted website that serves as an entry-point for those companies that prefer to use the tool independently of their website.

Improvements to the hosted version of the CrowdSound tool, along with being used to gather suggestions from everybody who visits your website, can now also be used as a private suggestion box to gather ideas and improvements from a company’s employees or users. Branding improvements to the hosted site now put your company’s branding front-and-center, allowing for greater recognization.

The enterprise version of CrowdSound allows for extensive customization on the appearance, branding and hosting fronts. Enterprise customers have the option of substituting all CrowdSound branding with their company’s brand and colors. Enterprise customers can also request for a custom installation of CrowdSound behind the firewall on their own servers, or request a cloud-hosted private machine.

Availability and Pricing

CrowdSound is available as a standalone social feedback tool at The on-demand tool costs $10 per month and offers unlimited websites for each user account. Enterprises can request additional customization and branding, and an option to host the CrowdSound application on-premise or on any computing cloud platform.

About Intridea

Intridea develops simple, intuitive applications to help Enterprise realize the power of social collaboration and cloud computing. Our suite of social applications including SocialSpring, and CrowdSound encourage communication and collaboration among customers, partners, and employees. Our Scalr and MediaPlug products help development teams to optimize their applications in the cloud. Intridea has helped launch innovative products for companies big and small. Intridea has deep expertise in web 2.0, iPhone, RIM, and Android platforms. Intridea is headquartered in Washington, DC. For more information, visit

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