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twitterTwitter Exclusive Draws Fans

By Rafe Telsch

LOS ANGELES (RPRN) 03/19/09– Still haven’t gotten onto the Twitter bandwagon? You’re missing out on all sorts of communication from studios, directors, actors, and the like. It’s amazing me how many celebrities are embracing the whole Twitter mentality, even after so many passed over blogging. Maybe the condensed character count is responsible for that. Whatever the reason, they are out there to be found.

The latest to embrace the Twitter phenomenon is the upcoming Jason Statham sequel, Crank: High Voltage. Today Lions Gate put out an exclusive piece of outdoor artwork via their Twitter feed. Sure, we’ve got a copy of it to the right there, but people subscribed to their Twitter feed got to see it first.

If you want to subscribe to see if Crank 2 has any more exclusives coming before the movie’s April 17th debut, head over to Lions Gate Movies’ Twitter page. You can also head directly over to their outdoor artwork to see a larger version of Chev Chelios brandishing his gun.

Source: CinemaBlend

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